Reportage: Sweet Revenge!

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The Consular Corps felt the sting of defeat to the CEDD in their previous match up. Diplomacy was left at the sidelines – this was all out war. Andrew Work with reporting by Mariusz Boguszewiki.

Rematch: Consular Corps Soccer Team Vs Civil Engineering And Development Department
Date : May 17th 2014, Saturday
Venue: Boundary Street Playground

Hot, humid and dirty. A perfect day for revenge.
After the last defeat a month ago to the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), the Consular Corps Soccer Team (CCST) was pumped up and ready to reclaim their honour. The team line ups were the same as their previous meeting – but the result could not have been more different. The Consular Corps fell in their last contest with the wily CEDD in the dying moments of the game. They were not going to let victory slip through their grasp again.

From the first whistle, CCST threw themselves into attack. Forwards Constanzo Fontana (Italy – Attaché) and Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland – DCG) led the charge. Constanzo passed the ball perfectly on the captain’s foot for an opening goal in the first minute of the game.

A few minutes later, Constanzo’s foot found the mark and it was 2:0. This dynamic duo struck again well into the half with a magic cross by Constanzo to one of the shortest player on the field – again Mariusz – who got his head on the ball for this duo’s hat trick!

The rest of the team got in on the scoring. Before the break, left-winger, Sam Chivorn (Cambodia – Consul) made a shot from outside the box, racking up the score to 4:0. Injury took its toll: star American midfielder Adam Everleigh and the goal scoring Constanzo didn’t survive to the second half.

No respite
The CCST knew better than to rest on their laurels and came out hard again in the second half. The shooting festival continued. The CEDD couldn’t seem to engineer an escape from their own half, giving goalie and UK Consular Officer Lawrence Chui an easy day.

Erdal Bahadir (Turkey – Vice-Consul) kicked off the second half scoring at the 43 minute mark. Julian Lai (UK – Consular Officer), replacing sidelined Constanzo in the attack lineup, scored twice in one minute to bring the score to 7:0. The Italian defense was just too strong on this day, with Dario Terzi and Matteo Fazzi (Italy – Attaché) shutting down the offense like a Roman legion in fighting form.

The CEDD finally made some changes to their lineup and found last month’s scoring form. After one of the counterattacks – Wong Kwong of the CEDD scored an honourable goal. But like a red rag to a bull, Dario Terzi (Italy – Consular Officer) charged in for another CSST goal. Not to be outdone, the Asian players got theirs in when Phakhansith Phomchaleun (Laos – Vice-Consul) scored off an assist from Captain Mariusz. The first was the last as the Captain made it a perfect 10 with a powerful shot. The following final whistle saw the highest ever victory to the consular team – 10:1.

Box score:
1:0 – Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland)/
own goal by CEDD
– 1’
2:0 – Constanzo Fontana (Italy) – 9’
3:0 – Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland) – 25’
4:0 – Sam Chivorn (Cambodia) – 33’
5:0 – Erdal Bahadir (Turkey) – 43’
6:0 – Julian Lai (UK) – 47’
7:0 – Julian Lai (UK) – 48’
7:1 – Wong Kwong (CEDD) – 58’
8:1 – Dario Terzi (Italy) – 60’
9:1 – Phakhansith Phomchaleun (Laos) – 68’
10:1 – Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland) – 73’
(we played 2 halves 35’ each) No yellow/red cards

Corners: 3 8
Free kicks: 4 6
Penalties 0 0


Next Match:
June 7
CCST vs. Correctional Services Department
Venue: Stanley Prison. For real.

Immigration Department –
Thursday, June 12th;

St. Stephen College Alumni Association –
Sunday, June 29th.