Reportage: Double Trouble: season finale for 2013/2014

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The Consular Corps finishes with matches against New Jade FC and old rivals, the St. Stephens Alumni Association. Andrew Work with reporting by Mariusz Boguszewski.

Consular Corps Soccer Team Vs New Jade Football Club
Date : June 22nd
Time : 1-3 pm
Venue: Pak Fuk Tin Sum Playground, Yat Ming Road, New Territories

The Consular Corps went on the road to the undiscovered wilds of the New Territories, where few diplomats fear to tread. Soon to be departed Captain Boguszewski gathered his forces and headed north.

It was raining heavily almost the whole time. The first goal by the New Jade FC, a local force, came after a simple mistake by the consular defence. Undeterred, Erdal Bahadir (Turkey) managed to fire in a powerful shot from 20 meters. The New Jade goalkeeper almost caught the ball, but the gods of water favoured the Consular Corps and the wet ball slipped in. New Jade fired back and in the goalmouth confusion Roy Lam (NJFC) managed to push the ball across the goal line to go ahead 2-1.

Fast-acting Captain Boguszewski made his way down the field, looking for revenge. He hammered the ball towards the New Jade goalkeeper. The goalkeeper blocked the shot, but couldn’t control it and was helpless against the rebound. Consular Corps ties the match, 2:2!

The second half saw even more rain but it did not extinguish the flame burning in the hearts of the Consular team. Almost the whole second part of the match was in the half of the New Jade FC. Until the end. In extra time, waiting for the last whistle of the referee, the consular defence made a fatal mistake. Vodka AU shot a 151 proof winning goal in with his head! The hangover for the Consular Corps set in and less than a minute later New Jade scored the fourth goal. Captain Boguszewski was the last man in the net, behind the goalie, but couldn’t stop the Vodka shots or Roy Lam, who bagged his second of the day.

The one consolation was the excellent play by newcomer from the UK Consulate, Geoffrey Arias (UK), playing his first game.

Box Score
1:0 – Andy YU (New Jade FC) – 9’
1:1 – Erdal Bahadir (Turkey) – 12’
2:1 – Roy LAM (New Jade FC) – 18’
2:2 – Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland) – 27’
3:2 – Vodka AU (New Jade FC) – 70’+1
4:2 – Roy LAM (New Jade FC) – 70’+2’
(2 halves 35’ each) No yellow/red cards


New Jade FC CCST
Corners 6 6
Free kicks 2 3
Penalties 0 0

Consular Corps Soccer Team Vs St. Stephen College Alumni Association
Date : June 29th
Time : 3-5 pm
Venue: Tang Shiu Kin Sports fields at St. Stephen’s College, Stanley

Good weather made the beautiful setting of St Stephen College in Stanley a great day for families to join, make a picnic of it and play or cheer the teams. While the families were there for fun, the Consular Corps were  there to play the St. Stephens Alumni Association.

Ooh la la! Sébastien Jaunâtre (French Consul), goalkeeper, was under pressure with two of his petits garçons joining the event. The older son – James (13a.) played in the first two parts of the match, showing up his elders with his mad skills. In the last session he was replaced by a newcomer making his debut: the new Consul General of Poland – Mirosław Adamczyk (see this edition of Diplomat).

Marco Cappuccino (Italy) woke everyone up with his caffeinated play. Geoffrey Arias (UK) and Mariusz Boguszewski were lively on the field. Boguszewski led the scoring to fire up the team. The Team did not stop attacking but it was the St. Stephen College team that scored after the corner. The CCST lost its initial vigour and the second phase of the game belonged to the hosts. They scored two elegant goals after fast counterattacks. Sky Chan flew in from the blue for their first goal. Sammy Chan  S.H. struck out alone to make his move and open the scoring for St. Stephens. A few  minutes later Captain Boguszewski was fouled just outside the box which stopped a promising attack. Marco Cappuccino took the free kick but the ball bounced off St.  Stephens mighty wall of players. SSCAA didn’t waste the opportunity and K.C. Wong scored their 3rd goal.

CG Adamczyk, initially supporting from the sidelines, couldn’t keep out of the fray. He came to the pitch to bring the spirit to his consular colleagues. CCST changed  tactics: Phakhansith Phomchaleun (Laos) went to the midfield – a very good move. He scored a wonderful goal after receiving the ball from the captain. Geoffrey Arias  continued his good constructive work in the middle. He had two excellent  opportunities but only managed to find the goalpost on one occasion nd the cross bar on another! Heartbreak!

Third time lucky he did not miss and scored his first goal for the Consular Team.

After an exciting game, the teams drew 3:3. It was the third match between the two teams. Previously the Consular Team won once and lost once. Congratulations to the St. Stephen College Alumni Association for the excellent organization and spirited play.

Box Score
1:0 – Mariusz Boguszewski (Poland) – 7’
1:1 – Sky CHAN H.T. (SSCAA) – 19’
1:2 – Sammy CHAM S.H. (SSCAA) – 30’
1:3 – WONG K.C. (SSCAA) – 43’
2:3 – Phakhansith Phomchaleun (Laos) – 60’
3:3 – Geoffrey Arias (UK) – 73’
(3 sessions, 25’ each) No yellow/red cards


Corners 4 5
Free kicks 3 5
Penalties 0 0


Mariusz Boguszewski is the Captain of the CC soccer Team.