The Weekend in Review August 11th

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York Chow was considering discrimination against new mainland arrivals this weekend past. Photo credit: Chris Lusher

No teasing new mainland migrants anymore


The Equal Opportunities Commission is launching their public consultation on Discrimination Law Review. The Society for Community Organization (SOCO) urged the EOC to consider putting discrimination against new migrants from Mainland into the law. Some immigrants shared their own experiences in a press conference held yesterday (11th August), saying they were scolded by Hong Kongers, as they cannot speak Cantonese well. The consultation will last until 7 October.


Democratic Party, not quite united


Law Chi-kwong (羅致光 ), a founding member of the Democratic Party, signed a petition initiated by 39 politicians, scholars and religious leaders calling for consensus on political reform. Law explained he would accept  a plan if it fits the Basic Law and human rights laws. Democratic Party chairwoman Emily Lau Wai-hing emphasized the Party would not sign the petition, fearing “fake universal suffrage” in 2017.


Other notable signatories included Jasper Tsang, Bernard Chan and Antony Leung and Stanley Ng.  It was an unusual mix of moderate democrats, establishment and independent figures.



胡志偉 Wu Chi-wai (LegCo member -Democratic Party)

吳永輝 Stanley Ng Wing-fai (Member of Democratic Party and The Professional Commons)

梁錦松 Antony Leung Kam-chung (Former Financial Secretary, ‘Lexusgate’ )

陳永祺 Chan Wing-kee (Member of PCC)

陳智思 Bernard Charnwut Chan ( Executive Council member)

陳婉嫻 Chan Yuen-han (LegCo member -FTU)

曾鈺成 Jasper Tsang Yok-shing (LegCo President)

鄺志堅 Kwong Chi-kin (ex-LegCo member for labour)

劉千石 Lau Chin-shek (Former LegCo member, pan-democrat)



王于漸 Richard Wong Yue-chim (HKU economist, one of the ‘13 professors’ who had a plan last week)

宋恩榮 Sung Yun-wing (HKCU economies professor)

何漢權 Ho Hon-kuen (Teacher, sometimes LegCo candidate)

周永新 Nelson Chow Wing-sun (HKU Social Work & Social Administration Chair Professor)

徐立之 Tsui Lap-chee (Former HKU president)

郭海成 Kwok Hoi-sing (HKUST professor)

曹啟樂 Tso Kai-lok (Principal)

張信剛 Chang Hsin-kang (Former CityU president)

張達明 Eric Cheung Tat-ming (HKU law professor)  

劉佩瓊 Priscilla Lau Pui-king (Former HKPU economy professor)

雷鼎鳴 Francis Lui Ting-ming (HKUST economist)

黃庭芳 Wong Teng-fong (HKCU earth system science professor)

廖柏偉 Liu Pak-wai (Ex-CUHK major domo)



江丕盛 Kang Phee-seng (HKBU religious studies professor)

余達心 Carver Yu Tat-sum (Church-state academic expert)

袁天佑 Yuen Tin-yau (President of Hong Kong Church Council)

蒲錦昌 Po Kam-cheong (General Secretary of Hong Kong Church Council)

盧龍光 Lo Lung-kwong (ret. Professor Director of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College)

羅祖澄 Bobby Lo Cho-ching (Rev. Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church)


Professionals & Entrepreneurs

關品方 Vincent Kwan Pun-fong (Entrepreneur)

李律仁 Laurence Li Lu-jen (URA director, lawyer)

馮可強 Andrew Fung Ho-keung (Director and Honorary Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute)

靳棣強 Kan Tai-keung (Artist)

榮念曾 Danny Yung (Founder Zuna Icosahedron, “Godfather of Culture)

葉國華 Paul Yip Kwok-wah (Pro-CCP media commentator)

鄭耀宗 Cheng Yiu-chun (Former HKU president and NCCPP grandee)

蔡元雲 Philemon Choi Yuen-wan (Doctor)

戴希立 Tai Hay-lap (Education activist)

黃   賢 Wong Yin (Lawyer, was arrested by the Chinese Government in the 1980’s and released)

Moreover, the Democratic Party is going to stage a fundraising dinner in October. Emily Lau set a HKD6 million target.

To be continued…

The Alliance for Peace and Democracy claimed they have collected over 1.2 million signatures for Anti-Occupy Central petition.


Two consultations ended

Two consultations were due last week.


The Consultation on Extension of Service of Civil Servants closed 2 August. The Administration proposed extending the retirement age of civil servants by 5 years to the age of 65.  It suggests those in the disciplined services could retire at 57 and 60, the latest.


The Review of Policy on Conservation of Built Heritage public consultation finished on 4 August.The review of policy on conservation of built heritage addresses issues such as the private property rights, cost of conservation and more. The Administration will report to LegCo after the summer.