The Weekend Highlights August 18th

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A quick hit of two of the weekend’s events and views that didn’t make the English media illuminates another side of Hong Kong media.

Host fired after the anti-Occupy Central Rally


While some claimed they were forced by their bosses to join the rally yesterday, a radio program host was fired because he not only joined, but was the MC of the rally.The founding partner of D100 Radio, Albert Cheng Jing-han, said he warned Ng Ka-lim, a music program host in D100 Radio, not to host the anti-Occupy Central Rally. However, Ng insisted, and Cheng decided to terminate Ng’s employment. Robert Chow, organiser of the anti-Occupy Central campaign, accused Cheng of spreading white terror.


For once, the shoe is on the other foot – an unexpected development.



Global Times: Absurd to unseat Ambrose Lam


Global Times, a state-owned newspaper, published a Chinese Op/ed titled “It is absurd for Hong Kong Law Society to unseat Ambrose Lam”. It posited that there is nothing wrong with Ambrose Lam’s admiration for the Party leading the country, and his freedom of speech should be protected. The lawyers who voted against the president should have realised their acts are encouraging a split in Hong Kong society. Lawyers should protect the legal system in Hong Kong, instead of forming a cheering team for radical factions.