The Weekend Highlights August 25th

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State-owned media: No Article 23, no civil nomination
One of the most influential state-owned media, Renmin Ribao, published a commentary on Saturday (Aug 23th) stating that allowing civil nomination before the implementation of Article 23 of the Basic Law would not safeguard national security. The strong implication is that there will not be an unscreened nomination process unless Article 23 related legislation is in place.

Jimmy Lai will not stop funding
Jimmy Lai Chi-ying showed up at the hike organized by Occupy Central on Sunday (Aug 23th). When asked about the recent disclosure of his accounts, Lai said he would keep on making donations to pan-democrats, disagreeing with suggestions his donations may harm the cause. However, he had no comment regarding Claudia Mo’s denial on receiving his fundings.

In the same event, Benny Tai Yiu-ting said they will not start Occupy Central on the day the Central Government announces their proposal, but will undergo detailed planning before any action.


Maria Tam Wai-chu, Hong Kong Deputy to the National People’s Congress has arrived in Beijing to attend the Standing Committee of the NPC. She disclosed that the committee may start discussing the constitutional reform of Hong Kong on Tuesday (Aug 26th).

Renewing ATV license in doubt
Apple Daily reported that the Communication Authority would soon be handling the application of renewing license from ATV. The source disclosed that the CA may suggest not renewing ATV’s license. However, the final decision would be made by the CE and the CE’s committee.