Scottish in Hong Kong

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The South China Morning Post reported on Sunday that a few bars and clubs in Hong Kong will be offering special breakfasts to coincide with the Scottish referendum on Friday morning — but you probably won’t see many British civil servants there.

The Canny Man, in the basement of the Wharney Guang Dong Hotel in Wan Chai, is already fully booked for Friday morning. And the Foreign Correspondents Club – a private club popular with diplomats, political leader and (obviously) foreign correspondents – will be holding a Scottish Independence breakfast buffet starting at 7 am, with the vote shown on large screens.Both may have a bottle of whisky or two behind their bar.

According to the Post, British civil servants were warned last month not to “undertake any activity that could call into question their political impartiality” or go to “public events where they might be asked to comment on future government policy.” A government spokeswoman also told the Post that British representatives would not be holding any events linked to the vote.