LegCo round-up September 3rd – 18th

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Wednesday 3rd September

Special meeting of Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene
1. Updates on the supply of vegetables and food safety issues after the implementation of the Pesticide Residues in Food Regulation on 1st August 2014 that tightened the standard of pesticide residues in food. The Government said that overall, the supply of vegetables was stable except for spinach, leaf mustard, green string beans and white string bean.

2. Follow up on the food scandal concerning McDonald’s and its supplier, Shanghai Husi Food Company Limited. Raymond Chan (GC- NT East, People Power) criticised McDonald’s representatives for being absent that day and for sending confusing and delayed announcements to the public. The Food and Health Bureau discussed further actions to take with the Department of Justice.

Friday 12th September

Special meeting of Panel on Home Affairs
19 deputations attended the meeting to discuss the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance. Deputations from the hotel and guesthouse industry argued that the fire accident concerning a guesthouse last year was not the industry’s fault and urged the public not to blame it on the industry. They also said that the current license application was very strict. However, deputations from the owner’s corporation argued that the Ordinance was outdated and should be tightened.

Meeting of Subcommittee on Health Protection Scheme
The Government answered some concerns members raised in April, such as the number of people who have purchased private health insurance, the formula and the calculations in the Health Protection System. Members also approved the Subcommittee to continue running until September 2015.

Tuesday 16th September

Meeting of Subcommittee on Road Traffic (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 (Commencement) Notice
20 deputations attended the hearing to discuss with LegCo members and the Government about the amendments which will require: a public light bus (PLB) that is first registered on or after 1st December 2014 to be fitted with an approved electronic data recording device and, an applicant who applies for a PLB driving licence on or after 1st June 2015 will have to attend and complete a pre-service course before he/she is issued a PLB driving licence. Given the serious shortage of PLB drivers currently, the Hong Kong Public Light Bus Owner and Driver Association worried that the amendments will cause more challenges for the PLB industry.