Letter to the Editor September 18th

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Dear Sir,

I refer to the “Out of Pocket” column in your July 25 edition, in which the writer wrongly and unfairly accused PCCW of running a monopolistic broadband business.
Hong Kong is an open market and the broadband market is highly competitive with several players providing fixed or wireless broadband services. There is no restriction on the provision of broadband service as long as one has obtained the necessary license and is willing to invest in the infrastructure. That HKT has been able to provide the most extensive broadband services in Hong Kong is because we have invested substantially in infrastructure including genuine fiber-to-the-home.
We are disappointed that the writer, who has lived overseas, while complaining about installation costs, failed to recognize that Hong Kong’s broadband services rank amongst the best in the world in terms of innovation, quality and speed – and at very favorable prices compared to those that consumers in other countries pay.
Yours faithfully,

C K Chan
Head of Group Communications