Week Review September 19th

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Secretary for Education Eddie Ng (Photo Source: News.gov.hk)

The OC campaign finally seems to be on the cusp of happening. The curtains will be drawn next week as students begin boycotting school for the opening act. Read about the police’s cunning plans to foil their plans and what university heads have to say about their students skipping class. The plot thickens!

“Smart” strategies to deal with OC
The officials of HKSAR have never underestimated the OC movement. Even though police officers have cancelled their holidays on October 1st and 2nd to prepare for the protest, the Police will not start the clearance until October 3rd. As the Administration wants to wait for public opposition against the Movement after it has caused inconvenience to the public. Sneaky.

The new railway project may cause pollution
If the seven newly proposed railway projects go smooth, the railway’s share in public transport patronage will increase to almost one half of the pie. It will reduce one hundred and forty thousand tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as one hundred and ninety tonnes of nitrogen oxides per year. However, it could also affect as many as forty-four hectares of habitat that have high ecological value, as construction sites may include the Deep Bay wetland complex.

Vice chancellors’ stances
Tertiary Students’ strike will begin the coming Monday. HT summarizes what the Vice-Chancellors have mentioned about the strike so far.

HKU- Prof. Peter Mathieson: We do our best to protect and uphold students’ personal freedom of speech, expressions, assembly and associations. While everybody has to be consciously aware that each of us is accountable for the actions one takes.
HKCU- Prof. Joseph Sung: We totally respect the fact that students have the freedom to express their opinions and we believe that students have only shown concern for society.
Ex VC Prof. Arthur Li: Planning a week-long class boycott is not a big “sacrifice”. They should make a bigger “sacrifice” by giving up their education altogether.
HKUST- Prof. Tony Chan: We encourage students’ participation in social issues and advocacy as well as promotion of universal values such as justice, equality. We will handle the skipping of classes under our normal practices.
HKPU- Prof. Timothy Tong: No penalty for students who participate in students’ strike.
HKBU- Prof. Albert Chan: Students’ strike only shows concern for society. I expect them to express their views in a peaceful and rational manner .
Lingnan University- Prof. Professor Cheng Kwok-hon: No penalty for students who participate in students’ strike.
Open University- Prof. Wong Yuk-Shan: I don’t support the strike. Students who participate in the strike will be considered to be absent. This may affect their future studies.
Shue Yan University- Cheung Kwok-ping, Associate Administrative Vice-President: Any absent students should provide their reasons and will be required to get teachers’ approval beforehand.