9.22 Student Strike in CUHK

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Hong Kong Federation of Students claimed there were 13,000 people participating in today’s strike. The figure is bigger than the student strike regarding the anti-national education that took place 2 years ago, eventually resulting in a government climbdown on the issue.

Tommy Cheung Sau-yin (張秀賢) , a former Scholarism and current HKFS member, admits in an interview with HT that “it is quite a surprising number.”

A recent his school graduate, he explains, “We think the high school students will reconsider whether they should participate in the class strike after they see the figure and today’s situation. Of course, we hope the high school students will discuss [participating] with their parents, and also their teachers before they decide whether or not to participate.”

Some high school students claim they are worried about their school performance results and not dare join the coming school strike.

Cheung is not surprised that students worry about their grades and suggests some should not participate in the strike. “We agree that everyone should think thoroughly before they act.”

HT found quite a few high school students, in uniform, joining today’s rally after school.

HKFS issued an open letter after the strike to CY Leung, urging him to respond to the citizens’ needs. The letter asks Leung to attend the Tamar Park rally in the following days, and to keep his election campaign’s promise to “listen to people’s views, bringing with me as I do a stool, a notepad and a pen”. The letter claims if Leung does not accept the invitation, HKFS will intensify their actions to other forms of civil disobedience.