Weekend Highlights from September 22: Tung revival, police say NO, celeb birthday

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In the Analects of Confucius, the Master said “A government cannot stand without the trust of it’s people.” This week’s highlights include a former CE making a comeback, the current one celebrating Confucianism, and rising tensions between people and the government.

Tung is back!

CPPCC Vice Chairman, former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa, announced the establishment of a think tank to promote the long-term development of Hong Kong. But Tung did not reveal specific plans. Antony Leung Kam-chung, Financial Secretary under Tung’s administration, said he would join the think tank if Tung invites him. Tung will be leading a delegation of Hong Kong businessmen to Beijing this week.

New plans for protest

Following the LCSD’s rejection of Civil Human Rights Front’s (CHRF) application to gather in Victoria Park on October 1st, the Police has also rejected CHRF’s application for a protest in Tamar park from October 1st to 3rd. CHRF decided not to struggle with them, announcing the launch of “contingency plans” to focus resources and energy on October 1st. CHRF asked people to pay close attention to any announcements.

Strategies from Police again

Approaching the alleged date of Occupy Central, the Police indicted 21 protesters en masse who participated in anti-North East New Territories New Development protests. Dozens of people marched to the police headquarters to protest, and submitted a statement condemning the the Police’s “white terror” tactics. Lee Ka-chiu, Deputy Secretary for Security, denied that the indictments were based on political considerations.

Hong Kong celebrates Confucius’s Birthday for the first time

From now on, the third Sunday in every September will be set as a day to celebrate Confucius’s birthday. Chief Executive CY Leung spoke at a ceremony in celebration of Confucius’s birthday on September 21st, noting that Confucian virtues are worth promoting in society. What would Confucius say about the recent students’ strike? Did you notice?