Hong Kongers abroad show solidarity for democracy

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( Goddess of Democracy in UBC. Photo source: Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement )
As student strikes begin locally, Hong Kongers from all over the world are showing support in their fight for democracy.

Overseas Hong Kongers from a number of countries are organising events in support of the current students strikes in Hong Kong. A facebook group GlobalSolidarityHK, has been started to announce upcoming events. The current events announced will be organized in Canberra in Australia, Scotland and London in the UK, New York, San Francisco, and Austin in the US, and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, held their events yesterday.


Supporters of Hong Kong’s democratic movement in Vancouver will participate in a “motorcade” in Richmond this Saturday. A similar event was held in June this year, ahead of the “622 referendum”. Both events were initiated by Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM). A source has told Harbour Times that local student associations in Vancouver are in talks to hold events “for the students, by the students”. Other events will include gatherings, talks, and flash mobs.