Learning continues despite class boycott

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Thousands of students turned up today for civil lectures in Tamar and the Federation of Students denounced CY Leung’s statement.

Waves of students turned up today for Day 2 of the class boycott, organised by the Federation of Students. The crowds gathered around Tamar park, LegCo and Government buildings to attend civil lectures given by professors from various universities. By the main stage in Tamar park, thousands of students sat on the lawn under the hot sun listening to talks on democracy, totalitarianism and freedom.
According to official counts in the afternoon, there were about 4,000 participants. At a press conference, Lester Shum from the Federation of Students commented on an incident in the morning when they demanded CY Leung to talk to them but were stopped by security guards. Police warned that those who tried to approach Mr Leung outside the protest area may face prosecution in the future.

“CY Leung has no courage to face the students…we were only trying to give Mr Leung a pen and a notepad,” Lester said. With regards to Mr Leung’s statement that he agreed to the students’ demands for a universal suffrage, Lester replied that “either he [CY Leung] did not respond seriously to our demands or he did not understand our demands.”