Scholarism: We’ve got a Plan B

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Scholarism leaders Oscar Lai Man-Lok and Agnes Chow Ting reveal their plans for Friday’s secondary school class boycotts.

Oscar Lai Man-Lok and Agnes Chow Ting of Scholarism revealed that the secondary school student organization has submitted their application for three other venues to stage their strike if Tamar Park is unavailable. Lai said the police have not issued the Letter of No Objection as of yet, but a “plan b” is in the works in case the application is rejected. The duo refused to disclose the back-up location but emphasized that it would be a legal.

A secondary school class boycott has been schedule for Friday, joining the current tertiary school strike organized by Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) at Tamar. Academics such as Poon Siu-to and Benjamin Au Yeung have been invited to give public lectures in the spirit of “Boycott Class, Continue Learning”. Lai stated that they’re hoping for a three-digit turn-out and, to ease the minds of parents, stressed that the organisation will ensure no laws will be broken at the rally.

When asked about the 16 students from Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School who chose to start their boycott yesterday, Lai said he was happy students are able to express their views within the schoolyard, and urged students to take the next step beyond the school grounds to exert pressure on the government. He also expressed concern with reports that certain schools are shutting down political expression during school hours. He spoke about students who have been told to remove the yellow ribbons (the symbol for the boycott) tied to their uniforms because of pressure from their classmates’ parents. Lai hopes that schools will respect different voices as an important part of civic education.