Heavy armoured vehicles on standby at the Gun Club Hill Barracks, Jordan

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Harbour Times has secured photos of armoured personnel vehicles recently moved to Jordan, near Occupy Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui.

A Harbour Times intelligence source, an experienced law enforcement expert, has taken pictures showing heavy armoured vehicles on stand by in the Jordan area, close to Occupy locations in Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui. Evan Wilcox, HT Law &Order columnist confirmed the nature of the vehicles after viewing the photos.

Gun Club Hill Barracks (槍會山軍營), by its British Army name, has been used since 1st July 1997 to laager military vehicles. The motor pool is tucked away in a corner of this beautiful site. The Barracks are situated at the juncture of Austin Road, Chatham Road South and Cheong Wan Road on the northwest corner.

The British used to keep their Saracen Armoured Personnel Carries (APCs) there in plain sight of the road. In more recent years, the site has been developed to provide covered, secure, and shuttered garage space.

The attached 2 photographs show a fraction of the latest arrivals that cannot be accommodated under cover and behind closed doors.

Apart from the two jeeps in the foreground of one of the photographs, everything under tarpaulin and across the square should be classed as armoured vehicles. They were seen arriving, by the same source, late September 28th and in the wee hours of September 29th – ‘in the dead of night’.

The vehicles under tarpaulin are believed to be six-wheel, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), similar in design to the Saracen, weighing up to 12 tonnes. The source confirmed they are “Heavy duty [stuff] and one step away from a light tank.”

However, the same source felt the move was “a reasonable contingency plan on behalf of the PLA. Likely self-initiated and most certainly not designed to intimidate.” The military, like the Scouts, must always ‘Be Prepared’ for the worst, as well as the best.

Evan Wilcox can be followed on Twitter @evanloht during Occupy Central and beyond.wilc