Police mislead OC protesters into letting through reinforcements

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The police guarding the Chief Executive office building have been accused of misleading protesters into letting in reinforcements and riot gear. Harbour Times interviewed two protesters who were on the scene when this happened. They told us approximately 200-300 police officers were let in carrying heavy boxes of what appears to be anti-riot gear.

At around 16:30 today, police communicated with protesters using a megaphone, claiming a police officer was injured carrying heavy gear around his or her waist. They claimed the injured needed two ambulances to come in and treat the injury. Protesters agreed and cleared the path for ambulances to get in. Later on, one ambulance vehicle and two others that had “POLICE” written on it came to scene instead, the protesters let the ambulance vehicle in but surrounded the police cars demanding an explanation. Police officers asked protesters to let them in and claimed the vehicle was not a police car. Unsuccessful, the two police vehicles took retreat but soon more than 10 police vehicles and coaches approached the scene. The interviewee states approximately 200-300 police officers were on those vehicles. A representative came forward claiming police officers needed to change shifts, hence the large vehicles full of police officers. The protesters agreed to let them in by foot. Police officers then proceeded to enter the surrounded area with heavy equipment, with some of it requiring more than one officer to carry. Police warning signs were also brought into the area. No police officers came out of the area, despite the police claiming they were changing shifts. The interviewees said protesters on scene continued to be peaceful.

Other outlets have claimed the gear carried in include rubber bullets, metal bullets, wooden, bullets, and tear gas cannisters. Many believe that the long suitcases brought in carry the guns used to fire rubber bullets and launch tear gas cannisters.