LTTE: Protesters will need the police soon

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Former member of the Hong Kong Police Force says that, as far as the triads go, the protesters have only had a taste. They will need the support of an overstretched police force soon.

Dear Sir,
I wasn’t far wrong in my earlier letter about the prospect of triad intervention as they seek to take advantage a chaotic environment that makes it difficult for police to enforce the law. Sadly, I don’t think we have seen the worst as the anti-protest lobby gains momentum and triads further seek to capitalize on the situation for their own nefarious ends.

To date, we have not seen the triads as an organised body of men but make no mistake …. they can be exceptionally well organised and tactically astute with good strategic planning and malice aforethought.

This morning, I sat amazed and increasingly incensed as the democratic camp practically accused the Police of collaborating with triads to discredit OC. Anybody watching the news reel coverage of the scenes in Mong Kok would surely reach a far more reasonable conclusion? It’s a very thin blue line!

Protesters have taken the law into their own hands and become increasingly aggressive and belligerent. OC is not a peaceful protest and those stationed outside Government headquarters yesterday were as arrogant, detestable and ignorant as some of the worst triads I have ever encountered.

It’s ironic that protesters who have obstructed or resisted the Police at every opportunity throughout the week, should now seek the protection of the law they flaunt.

Protesters are forcefully seeking to impose their will on the people of Hong Kong. This not democracy! OC has discredited itself, destabilized Hong Kong and caused irreparable damage to the economy and reputation of Asia’s World City that will have our competitors laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s Saturday night and the words of Elton John’s song might well prove prophetic ….. “Saturday night’s alright for fighting”.

The thin blue line is stretched very thin because of OC and whilst I’m sure the same officers who have been derided and intimidated by protesters all week long will do their level best to stop people getting hurt, I consider this mission impossible!

Please spare a thought for the men and women of the Hong Kong Police Force as I’m sure few if any will have the luxury of a peaceful, loving weekend with their families and friends.

Robin Jolly