Graf Lambsdorff on German Reunification Day

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German Reunification Day is a good day for a party, and a few choice words on becoming a ‘peaceful, modern, democratic partner.’

German National Day, the Day of German Unity, was again marked by a hearty collection of fine German cuisine and exquisite German wines and beers, including the Consul General’s admirable hometown beer, the Cölner Hofbräu Früh Kolsch. 

The VIP guest was Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, along with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. Ms Lam was relaxed, cracking jokes about the traffic situation, but reassuring everyone that she and her colleagues were doing their utmost to restore normalcy to Hong Kong as soon as possible.
The host gave a brief history lesson, citing the beginning of WWI, WWII and the establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany. He linked history to the future, noting “Everything we may enjoy today – peace, freedom, well-being – is fragile and needs to be protected, renewed or newly acquired.” He looked to Joachim Gauck, Germany’s Federal President, who asks “What actually happened to our future?” Mr. Gauck could have asked this question of the people of Hong Kong, still seeking an answer.
Graf Lambsdorff spoke to the memory of November 9th, 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell to announce a “Berlin Fest”to be hosted by the Consulate  in Hong Kong with the cooperation of the Goethe Institute launching on November 8 of this year.
In his native German, he, like Ms. Lam, alluded to the ‘exciting and thrilling’ (spannend und aufregend) recent days. He demurred on making observations about Hong Kong’s political situation. He did suggest that Hong Kong could be as proud of its young people as Germany could be of its young history. The efforts to develop Hong Kong’s democracy would benefit its economics as well as its politics.
Of course, the day would not be complete without looking at German reunification, which he deemed a success not only because of the nation’s economic success, but also its recognition as a ‘peaceful, modern, democratic partner, ally and friend.” He finished noting that the PRC “was the only Communist country which has always supported German reunification.” Prost!
Also present were the Consul Generals of Belgium, Greece, Spain, Britain, and Vincent Piket, Head of European Commision.