Retired police step up to support comrades

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All the way from London, the new UK&HK Chinese Police Association has sent an unequivocal letter of support for the police in the form of an open letter to Police Commissioner Tsang.

The United Kingdom and Hong Kong Chinese Police Association has stepped up to support their comrades still in arms in Hong Kong in a letter secured by Harbour Times. Reaching out from London, their Chairman, Jimmy Chung, send a letter of unequivocal support that was cc’ed to various related associations in Hong Kong.

The UK & HK CPA (est. 2011) is comprised of retired police officers and supporters. It is not officially recognised by the Police HQ in Hong Kong. Their website can be found at

Mr TSANG Wai-hung
Commissioner of Police Hong Kong Police Force
1 Arsenal Street Wan Chai Hong Kong

20th October 2014

Dear Commissioner,

I am the chairperson of UK and HK Chinese Police Association (UK & HK CPA), which is based in UK.

I write this email to you to show our support to the colleagues in Hong Kong Police. UK & HK CPA was set up in October 2011, and our members include serving and retired Chinese police officers from Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, and family members and our supporters. Most of them had served in Hong Kong Police for many years before they moved to the United Kingdom.

The current situation in Hong Kong is very upsetting to our members, especially seeing our Hong Kong police colleagues being constantly insulted and assaulted by violent people, the so called peaceful protesters, while executing their lawful duty. Consequently, some officers are physically injured and mentally affected by the abusive and obscene languages.

Please pass on our message of support to everyone in Hong Kong Police. We all know that Hong Kong Police is one of the finest police services in the world and we will always support you. If there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to let us know.

Yours sincerely

CHUNG Tung-Wah Jimmy

Chairman UK & HK CPA