David Webb initiates a petition for a new report to NPCSC

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David Webb’s petition is signed by over 1,100 people so far.

A petition drafted by David Webb is open for people to sign. It urges the Chief Executive CY Leung to submit a new report to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) (Replace: ‘in order to realise’ with ‘demand’) true democracy in Hong Kong. Mr Webb says the petition is a community effort by those who respond and he is merely facilitating it. He told HT why he is doing it.

What is the target number of signatories?

Webb: As many as possible! Numbers talk! I started with a 1200 target, matching the number of members in the Election Committee, but of course I hope the community can vastly exceed that.

Is the petition open to anyone or targeting only the Hong Kong residents?

Webb: Open to anyone, but obviously people with a stake in Hong Kong’s future are more likely to respond. Hong Kong is Asia’s World City, after all. So far, the large majority of respondents give their place of residence as Hong Kong (just watch the ticker).

Is there a time limit?

Webb: Not yet, but I may send a preliminary tally early next week and keep the petition open as long as it is relevant, with subsequent updates.

The Government said they would send a report reflecting recent events. This petition seems to ask for much more: a direct request for genuine democracy and abolition of corporate voting. ‎Why ask for abolition of corporate voting (Nominating Committee and LegCo) and not abolition of all Functional Constituency (FC) seats in LegCo?

Webb: The CE’s report must go to the NPCSC, which can review its 31st August 2014 decision, not the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, which is just a letterbox. The Government’s offer to write to the Office is a sham.

The FCs will eventually have to go, but this has been promised for 2020 (after the CE election), not 2016, and I think we need to first broaden their electorates so that they will be filled in 2016 with people who are willing to abolish their own seats and run for direct election in 2020. Similarly, we need to broaden the electorates for the sub-sectors of the Nomination Committee. The petition only asks for 1 thing from the NPCSC: restore the nomination threshold to 12.5% of the committee, as it was in 2012 and before that. The rest of the petition is a matter for local legislation.