Emigre: Steidle is back in style

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Former Canadian diplomat Doreen Steidle returns to Hong Kong with HSBC

Doreen Steidle left Hong Kong in 2011, retiring from her last post as a career diplomat, Consul General for Canada in Hong Kong and Macao. Now she’s back.

She returns to Hong Kong in a post-diplomatic role as HSBC’s Regional Head of Financial Crimes Compliance Government Liaison (Asia Pacific) – a new post in HSBC As the financial world adjusts to a slew of new regulations at the national and international level, banks and other financial firms have to up their game to take part in the discussion about how the new global regulatory landscape will be shaped. For HSBC, that means the best Canada has to offer – Doreen Steidle.

She started Monday this week and hit the ground running. While in Hong Kong as Consul General, she was known as a tireless and enthusiastic supporter of Canadian interests. Her vehicle was the first in recent history to fly the Canadian flag on the front, to the delight of many of the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong. Previous roles included running the department as Assistant Deputy Minister and Senior CFO with over 12,000 employees and a $2.1 billion CDN budget under her care. She also reformed Passport Canada, dramatically reducing wait times for passport renewal to the delight of Canadians abroad (Britain, you might want to give her a call).

She has also been stationed as the High Commissioner in Singapore as well as Sydney, Seoul, Manila, and Damascus over a storied career.
Ms Steidle was popular while here, but the regional nature of her new work likely means she won’t be here as much as her friends from the Canadian, Hong Kong government, and diplomatic communities would like. Still, better based here than far away and frosty Ottawa.