Reportage November 6th

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Austrian National Day
The Austrian National Day was held on 22 October 2014 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel. The celebration was officiated by the sartorial Austrian masterpiece Dr Claudia Reinprecht, MBA, Consul General of Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau. Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR was the guest of honour. The only umbrellas on site were in the giveaway bags from Advantage Austria.

Other distinguished guests included representatives of the cultural sector, business leaders and the consul generals of various countries. Guests were treated to a performance by the LCSD Music Office Youth Choir (resplendent in their apolitical blue ribbons), conducted by Dr Angelina Au, and authentic Austrian food and beverages.

1. Toasting by Dr Claudia Reinprecht, Consul General of Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau (left) and Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR (right)

2. Mr Clifford A. Hart, Consul General of the United States of America to Hong Kong and Macau (left) and Dr Claudia Reinprecht, Consul General of Austrian Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau (right).

3. Mr Christian Schierer, Austrian Trade Commissioner, Ms Verena Nowotny, 21st Austria and Dr Herbert Stepic, former CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International, Head of 21st Austria delegation..

4. LCSD Music Office Youth Choir, conducted by Dr Angelina Au.

5. A trio of young women donning blue ribbons enjoy themselves after their choir performance. Coincidence? We’re not sure.

6. Mr Peter Hoslin (Regional Director, Europe and New Markets, Hong Kong Tourism Board) makes it a family affair.

7. Austrian pride.

8. Lederhosen and dirnds get their annual outing for Austria’s National Day.

Austrian Sustainability Talk
Hosted by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club and organised by the Austrian Consulate, Ms Maria Vassilakou, Deputy Mayor and Vice Governor of Vienna spoke at a club lunch seminar about sustainable city development. Ms Vassilakou spoke about the recently adopted framework strategy for Vienna’s Smart City visions and goals until 2050 and elaborated on the need for comprehensive and holistic strategies in urban planning and green policy for a sustainable future.

1. Ms. Cammy Yiu of Asiabrand and Culture Magazine welcomes the Mayor.

2. Ms Vassilakou and Austrian CG Dr Claudia Reinprecht gather with other distinguished guests as they pose for a group photo after their wine tasting event.

From Russia With Art
The first ever celebration of Russia’s cultural heritage made its debut on 22 October 2014. Organized by Artisia, a non-profit organization, the From Russia With Art Festival is supported by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong and Macao. The Festival brings Russia’s rich culture, history and traditions to Hong Kong. The festival presents a variety of programmes in fine arts, music, and fashion and hopes to strengthen cultural and educational ties between Russia and Hong Kong. A launch dinner was held at the Peninsula and hosted the elite of the Hong Kong diplomatic and business corps.

The two months event kicked off with the launch of two art exhibitions, the ‘Imperial Porcelain’ and the ‘Mysteries of the Amber Room’ and will feature other exhibitions and events continuously until December 31.

1. Enjoying the evening are food importer, Mr Katafygiotis (left), Greek Consul-General Mr Christodoulos Margaritis (middle), and Russian Consul General Mr Vladimir Anatolyevich Kalinin (right).

2. Swiss-based Russian designer Olga Roh takes a moment to show off her collection of gowns under the Rohmir fashion house.

3. FRWA Festival Art Director, Ms Anastassia Katafygiotis and Swire Chairman Mr John Slosar take a minute out of their night to smile for the camera.

4. Vsevolod Brigida flew in from Moscow. At 17 years old, he is a world class pianist who brought poetry and passion to a thrilling piano performance that lit the instrument on fire.

5. Member of the Diplomatic Sposes Corps and impresario of the art world, Ms. Banu Babayeva has donated much of her personal collection for the on-going art exhibitions in Hong Kong (see above) at the core of the Festival.

6. Mr David Lee, Kazakhstan CG Mr Nurzhan Abdymomunov (right), and other distinguished guests toast the night.

7. Rohmir model wearing an Olga Roh original.

8. Natalia Gonzalez, Festival Development Director, with husband Michel Gonzalez, Managing Director of Dolce Gabbana, Asia Pacific.