Harbour Crossings November 20th

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Management Committee of Consumer Legal Action Fund
Consumer Legal Action Fund was established in 1994 to facilitate consumer access to legal remedies by providing legal assistance to consumers (i.e. help them to sue retailers). Edmond Lam King-fung (林勁豐) was appointed as new member. Mr Lam is a solicitor and one of the principal lecturers of HKU’s Faculty of Law.

Gilly Wong Fung-han (黃鳳嫻)
Samuel Chan Ka-yan (陳家殷)
Dr Lui Wing-cheong (雷永昌)
Professor Angela Ng Lai-ping (吳麗萍)
Kenneth Wong Wing-yan (黃永恩)
Jessica Young Yee-kit (楊懿潔)
Selwyn Yu Sing-cheung (余承章)

Electoral Affairs Commission
Senior Counsel Arthur Luk Yee-shun (陸貽信) was appointed as new member to the Commission which is responsible for making recommendations on geographical constituency boundaries and other electoral arrangements. No gerrymandering allowed! Mr Luk previously worked in the Department of Justice for 25 years and was the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions when he retired in 2010.

Advisory Committee on Travel Agents
Conrad Chiu (趙躍揚), Lisa Marie Djeng Kar-yee (鄭嘉儀), Lanny Leung Kong-lan (梁港蘭), Elaine Liu Yuk-ling (廖玉玲) and Hazen Tang Tim-wan (鄧添穩) were appointed as new members.

Buston Chu Yat-chiu (朱溢潮)
Professor Cathy Hsu Hui-Chun (徐惠群)
Joseph Tung Yao-chung (董耀中)
Gilly Wong Fung-han (黃鳳嫺)
Michael Wu Siu-ieng (胡兆英)

Review Committee on Trust Fund for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SARS is still with us, in a sense. Romeo Au Pak-ching (歐栢青) was re-appointed as the Chairman of the Review Committee. Mr Au is a barrister and has served as the Chairman of the Review Committee since 1st March, 2011.

Samantha Ko Kit-mui (高潔梅) was appointed as new member. Ms Ko is the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Physically Handicapped and Able-Bodied Association. She is also a member of the Human Organ Transplant Board and the Hong Kong Paralympians Fund Grants Sub-committee.

21 judicial appointments to the Magistrates’ Courts
Debbie Ng Chung-yee (吳重儀), Veronica Heung Shuk-han (香淑嫻), Chu Chung-keung (朱仲強), Doris To Kit-ling (杜潔玲), Kelly Shui (水佳麗), Catherine Cheng Kam-lin (鄭金蓮), Kenneth Chan Ping-chau (陳炳宙), Lee Siu-ho (李紹豪), Raymund Chow Chi-wei (周至偉), Chu Yuen-yee (朱婉儀), David Chan (陳大為), Peony Wong Nga-yan (黃雅茵), Colin Wong Sze-cheung (黃士翔), Rita So Ka-yin (蘇嘉賢), Jacqueline Lee Kar-lok (李家樂) and Ho Chun-yiu (何俊堯) were appointed as Permanent Magistrates.

Robin Yue King-tin (喻競天), Andrew Mok Tze-chung (莫子聰), Frances Leung Nga-yan (梁雅忻), Yu Chun-pong (余振邦) and Arthur Lam Hei-wei (林希維) were appointed as Special Magistrates.
Bios of the appointees can be found here.