The hide and seek game of CY Leung

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It has been some time since CY Leung braved LegCo for Question Period. Now it is confirmed that there will be no district consultations for the coming Policy Address and the Budget. CY Leung is dodging the people.

The Office of the Chief Executive quietly confirmed yesterday that there will not be any consultation exercises at the district level for the coming Policy Address and the Budget. Past practice has been to conduct live ‘town-hall’ style consultations in different districts in the months preceding the Policy Address and Budget. Due to the Occupation Movement in last fall and the political atmosphere at that time, the Office has decided they will not carry out the district consultations. However, they welcome submissions through the official website, email and hotline.   


This can be seen as the Government dodging the public but it is hardly the first time since the Occupation Movement broke out. There is, thus far, no sign of when the Chief Executive CY Leung will return to LegCo for the Q&A session after he unilaterally cancelled it last October. Civic Party’s lawmaker Kenneth Chan has been critical on this issue, accusing Mr Leung for hiding from the people.


There were also rumours yesterday suggesting that the second consultation on the political reform, which will probably be announced this Wednesday at the Council meeting, will not address the democratisation of the Nomination Committee as the Government believes any proposals conforming to the NPCSC decision will be DOA (Dead on Arrival) at LegCo.