CY Leung blasts pan-dems for filibustering

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Chief Executive CY Leung attended a luncheon today to meet with the business community. He took this opportunity to not only reiterate the key points of his Policy Address, but also to condemn the pan-dems for filibustering the staffing proposals of the new Innovation and Technology Bureau in Legco. “I hope the pan-dems can stop filibustering and ask the real questions,” he said to the business leaders. He also urged people to speak up and cast better votes in the LegCo election next year should they oppose the actions of the pan-dems.


One highlight of his speech was revealing the Central Government’s plan to launch the pilot Free Economic Zones in Guangdong, Fujian and Tianjin next month, and to launch the Hong Kong- Shenzhen Stock Connect in the second half of this year.

He also mentioned that Hong Kong is the first to submit proposals to the 13th Five Year Plan of China but has given no details of the proposals. He left the luncheon without answering any questions from the media.