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Complaints over the Government’s autocratic and sneaky conducts; Drama at the FCC; Li Keqiang hold a softer tone on HK. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher

Politics (government &LegCo)

Police receive 2427 complaints over high-handed reactions to Occupy protesters.
– The HK Police was under pressure as Complaints Against Police Office received 2427 complaints since the Occupy Movement over excessive use of force
– Of the record 159 cases received, the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) has resolved 4 cases out of 47 reviewed

Netizen bombarding MPFA to protest against new arrangements.
– The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority was flooded with more than 25,000 submissions as netizens were aware of the public consultation on new fees cap which ended yesterday
– Netizens were furious of the sneaky manner of MPFA to propose a mechanism adjusting the minimum and maximum levels of relevant income every two year



Swedish top diplomat apologises for FCC bar spat.
– The Swedish consul-general Jorgen Halldin’s membership at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) had been cancelled for verbally abusing its staff a month ago
– It was reported that the cg was apparently irritated by the fact that he could not get a table because of the club’s policy, insulting staff and tearing up his membership card before he stormed out of the club
– Halldin has apologised for his misbehaviour, saying that “there is never an excuse for being upset, and I regret this deeply” while calling the drama as “a highly unfortunate incident”
– The FCC said it had been refining rules to enable more efficient measures when dealing with members’ misconduct

US ambassador to China hopes for peaceful resolution over Hong Kong political reform.
– US ambassador to China Max Sieben Baucus said that the commission will help both sides in Hong Kong reach a peaceful resolution (in Chinese)
– Baucus stated that the Pan-dem lawmakers are elected by the public and hence should make their own decision regarding the fate of the political reform
Chinadaily meanwhile published a list of responses from top diplomats in Beijing


Politics (general)

173 professionals sign petition supporting political reform.
– A total of 173 scholars, professionals and politicians published a petition (in Chinese) named “express goodwill, build mutual-trust, promote democracy”, calling for discussions under the principles set by the 8.31 decision
– Petitioners including former HKU principals Tsui Lap-chee and Cheng Yiu-chung, former and current legislators Lau Chin-shek, Ma Fung-kwok and Paul Tse


China and World

“Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” back on the Premier’s report.
– Premier Li Keqiang stated that the Central Government will stick to the principle of “Hong Kong people ruling (or governing now) Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy” as he delivered the Report on the Work of the Government to NPC members
– Li asserted that “One country, two systems” must comply with China’s constitution and Hong Kong’s Basic Law
– CY Leung meanwhile met with Wang Guangya at the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office but did not answer any questions of reporters regarding the meeting