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John Tsang addresses Hong Kong’s ageing society; Multiple-site protest against multiple-entry visa; Zhang Dejiang reasserted the 8.31 decision. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

John Tsang addresses Hong Kong’s ageing society.
– Financial Secretary John Tsang delivered a “Letter to Hong Kong” on the 2015-2016 Budget, in which he said that the Budget strives to “deal with the imminent issue of ageing in the society”
– Tsang also said “we should save sensibly”, stressing the importance of investment income which is estimated to be HK$45 billion, or 10% of total expenditure

The LegCo president to visit Tokyo.
– LegCo president Jasper Tsang will visit Tokyo from March 9th to 13th at the Japanese MFA’s invitation
– Tsang, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Secretariat of LegCo Kenneth Chen will visit the National Diet of Japan and pay a courtesy call on the Acting Ambassador to Japan Han Zhiqiang


British CG says female diplomats have an edge on their male counterparts.
– The UK consul-general Ms Caroline Wilson said in an International Women’s Day interview (in Chinese, why not!) with Ming Pao that female diplomats in general are better in social networking and more sensitive than their male counterparts
– related: The Economist produced a ranking on gender equality in employment among the OECD, in which the Scandinavian countries topped the list while Japan and South Korea were at the bottom
– side: SCMP followed up on the Swedish CG drama at FCC and Hong Kong’s diplomat “Hall of Shame”

Politics (General)

Multiple-site protest against multiple-entry visa.
– At least four activists were arrested in yesterday’s anti-parallel trading protest (timeline in Chinese)
– Around 100 Activists first gathered in Sheung Shui, then moved to Tuen Mun at 5:30pm where they clashed with Police, and ended the day in Tsim Sha Tsui
– Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Li Chunhong said the problem should be solved by discussion rather than violence while Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin said any new measures should reflect the mutually beneficial relationship between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Pro-HKFS-exit students call for joint-universities debate forum.
– Members of the HKFS-exit concern groups published a joint public letter yesterday, calling for a debate forum with the HKFS
– The universities involved are CUHK, PolyU, HKBU, CityU and Lingnan University

Migrant and construction workers march in Admiralty.
– About 200 migrant workers marched to the Government offices for better protection; A report from Deutsche Welle revealed the poor working condition of the domestic helpers in Hong Kong
– Meanwhile, the Construction Industry Alliance also held a march to the LegCo complex to protest against filibustering (in Chinese) by Pan-dems

China and World

Zhang Dejiang reasserts the 8.31 decision.
– Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Dejiang delivered the Report on the Work of the SCNPC yesterday, in which he reasserted that the SCNPC has the constitutional responsibility to decide on several core elements in  Hong Kong’s democratic development
– LegCo president Jasper Tsang said there is still room for discussion (video in Cantonese) concerning the entry requirement for potential candidates and the composition of the Nominating Committee
– ADPL’s Frederick Fung said Beijing should not see universal suffrage as an issue related to national security, and that it should engage the Pan-dems more before taking a firm stance
– Civic Party’s Alan Leong trashed the Government’s slogan (video in Chinese) to “Take it on board for the time being (袋住先)” in yesterday’s City Forum, claiming that “Hong Kong people may well take it on board for their whole lives”