The Week Ahead March 9th

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Paul Chan and Jasper Tsang travelled to Spain and Japan respectively for duty visits. LegCo will discuss the report on the Food Surveillance Programme for 2014 tomorrow which the satisfaction rate is up to 99.8% and food from Japan were tested safe.


March 2 Monday


More money to support the film industry

At the LegCo’s Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting, members will discuss the proposal to inject $200 million into the Film Development Fund. This is in line with CY Leung’s efforts to strengthen the film industry. In his latest Policy Address, Mr Leung thrust out a four-pronged strategy: To encourage more local film productions, nurture production talent, promote film appreciation among students and young people, and promote the brand of “Hong Kong Films” in the Mainland, Taiwan and overseas markets. The film industry generated a value of $2.5 billion in 2012, accounting of 0.1% of Hong Kong’s GDP.


Active ageing

The Census and Statistics Department has projected that nearly one-third of Hong Kong’s population will be aged 65 or above by 2041. The Panel on Welfare Services will discucss ways to promote active ageing. According to the definition of the World Health Organisation, active ageing is to optimise opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as we age.


Paul Chan in Barcelona

Secretary for Development Paul Chan left Hong Kong yesterday for a duty visit to Spain which he will lead a delegation to attend the Symposium of the Hong Kong-Barcelona Urban Exchange Platform.


There will be exchanges in urban planning and design, waterfront development and urban regeneration at the Symposium. The delegation includes government officials and representatives from the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design and the Hong Kong Green Building Council. Director of Planning Mr Ling Kar-kan, and the Head of the Energizing Kowloon East Office Ms Brenda Au are joining the visit.


Jasper Tsang to Japan

LegCo President Jasper Tsang was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for a visit to the country. Mr Tsang will be in Tokyo from March 9 to 13. Joining Mr Tsang for the trip is LegCo Secretary General Mr Kenneth Chen. They will visit the National Diet of Japan and meet with the Acting Ambassador and Minister of the Embassy of China Mr Han Zhiqiang.

March 3 Tuesday


Food safety: 99.8%

At the Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene, members will discuss the report on the Food Surveillance Programme for 2014. The report was conducted by the Centre for Food Safety and over 64,100 food samples were tested last year, which amounted to about nine samples per 1,000 persons in Hong Kong. The Government said such a testing rate was relatively high compared with other overseas economies.


There were 139 unsatisfactory samples among the test results and the overall satisfaction rate was a staggering 99.8%. The report dedicated a paragraph to the food imported from Japan due to the alleged radiation hazard following the Fukushima incident. More than 61,500 samples of food imported from Japan were tested in 2014 and the test results were satisfactory.

March 4 Wednesday


No Council meeting

The council meeting was suspended temporarily due to the two sessions in Beijing. This has been the practice for the past few years. The Council will resume next week.


Civil Aviation Department takes another beating

The Public Accounts Committee holds the 5th public hearing on the comptroller’s report over the “administration of the air traffic control and related services.” The Audit Department found out that the new Air Traffic Control system which the Civil Aviation Department has obtained funding in 2007 and targeted to launch the new system in 2012 was still not yet in operation as at October 2014 and the latest estimate was that the new system would only be ready for operation in 2015. At the previous hearings, Director-General of Civil Aviation Norman Lo Shung-man said that the new system will be ready in 2016 the soonest. Members were unsatisfied of the delay and Mr Lo replied that the estimate of the launching date was too optimistic back then.


New Police head to fight cyber crimes

The Establishment Subcommittee is due to approve the proposed creation of a permanent post of Chief Superintendent of Police in the Crime Wing of the Hong Kong Police Force to head the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau for preventing and combating technology crime and responding to cyber security incidents. The monthly salary of the new head will be between $125,450  and $137,400.

March 6 Friday


Developing the Chinese medicine industry

Members will discuss the registration, testing and development of proprietary Chinese medicines (pCms) and introduction of Good Manufacturing Practice requirements to pCms at a LegCo’s subcommittee meeting. In the latest Policy Address, CY Leung announced the Government will plan and develop a testing centre for Chinese medicine to be managed by the Department of Health. The testing centre will specialise in the testing and scientific research of Chinese medicine.