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New appointments to MPFA; FTU lawmaker compares anti-parallel trading protest to ISIS; Pan-dems reaffirm stance against political reform; CY Leung’s possible re-election; HK-Austrian cultural cooperation. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher



Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Former CMA President to head MPFA.
– The Government has appointed David Wong, NPC member and former President of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, to be the Chairman of the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Authority
– Wong, who was claimed to be a supporter of CY Leung, is also the Chairman and founding member of the Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong
– Abraham Shek and Kingsley Wong have been appointed as Non-Executive Directors with seven other re-appointments

Hong Kong and Austria sign joint declaration on cultural cooperation.
– Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs Betty Fung and Director General of the Federal Chancellery’s Cultural Division Michael Franz signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cultural Co-operation
– Austria is the 14th country and sixth member state from the EU to have signed such bilateral agreement with Hong Kong
Politics (General)

Political figures slam Sunday’s anti-parallel trading protest.
– Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok blasted Sunday’s protest against parallel traders as “riotous”, in which activists were “humiliating, harassing, surrounding and even assaulting pedestrians”
– Lai also said that the Police will “take appropriate and resolute actions” in case of further protest during the Government House open day on coming Sunday
– FTU’s Cheng Yiu-tong compared the protest to Islamic State (ISIS), warning of a snowball effect of its development
– Democratic Party also condemned the violent acts of some activists, saying that Hong Kong’s image has been damaged

27 Pan-dems pledge to veto political reform.
– 27 Pan-dem lawmakers met yesterday and presented a joint manifesto, reasserting opposition against any reform proposal based on the 8.31 decision
– Leung Kwok-hung said any Pan-dem who makes a U-turn “shall not die (in Chinese) peacefully”
– Wong Yuk-man, who did not join the Pan-dems’ pledge last August, said he was on the list to strengthen the force of the oppositions
– Civic Party’s Ronny Tong said Basic Law Committee chairman Li Fei may visit Hong Kong and meet with Pan-dems

Lawmakers respond to CY Leung’s re-election rumour.
– A source from Beijing revealed that CY Leung may be re-elected as Hong Kong’s head for five more years if the political reform failed
– LegCo President said the rumour would not help pass the political reform by describing CY Leung’s possible re-election as if it was a disaster, while challenging the accuracy of the source
– FTU’s KK Wong suggested that the rumour possessed certain reliability as it has been around for some time now
– Civic Party Alan Leong trashed the source, saying that there is no guarantee anyway that a new CE under the 8.31 decision can be better than CY Leung
– Leong’s compatriot Ronny Tong said it would not be wise for Beijing to use CY Leung’s re-election as a threat to pressure Pan-dems