Canadian International School: Shades of Occupy Central?

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Protests against shadowy governance that occludes the main stakeholders through legalese? Post-it note protest to support persecuted people who have spoken out?

Readers of High Tide (our pre-7am political/policy briefing) saw that a protest was planned to support the Principal of CDNIS by parents upset at his absence from the school the week an accreditation team from the Council of International Schools came to Hong Kong (the school is currently without accreditation).

The Head of School issued a letter indicating Lower School head Dylan Hughes was absent for ‘personnel reasons’ in a letter to parents dated Tuesday. He reportedly did not want to be on this forced leave. The SCMP reports today many believed it was to keep him out of the way of the accreditation team.

Vice Principal Kathy Nutting issued a letter indicating widespread support from teachers for Mr Hughes and is reported to have been fired. Many are concerned this is the first of a wave of firings as the new Head of School, Greg Maloberti, touts a new openness while threatening dismissal of a wide swathe of teachers.

Students and parents showed their support for teachers early this morning via post-it notes shown below as the Head of School Maloberti and Head of Advance Development from entering while others said they had little trouble entering the premises.

These pictures show support and fund-raising head Julian Marland, Director of Development and another staff member guarding the door. Earlier, the Head of School was on guard.


Also, shots from the Lobby of the school where parents and students were showing support via post-it notes, in shades of a previous protest in Hong Kong.