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Li Fei scraps visit to Hong Kong; Graft investigation results on former CE will soon be out; Canadian lawmakers hear Hong Kong veteran democratic campaigner. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


High Tide Special – from our EiC Andrew Work

Protest at CDNIS
The day before elections of the parents’ association at CDNIS, rumours are flying of a mass wave of firings ‎to begin as the beleaguered new Head of School tries to defend the Members and their appointed. Parents have been asked to rally at the school at 6:30am today to show support for teachers under fire. Over the last year, the Head of School, high school, counseling, business administration and more have left in protest at the interference of the governing Members body. As reported in the SCMP, Apple Daily and The Standard, the Chair of the Board of Governors was forced by unrest at the School due to its governance structure.
Politics (government &LegCo)

Investigation into Ex-CE has reached “final stage”, says Secretary for Justice.
– Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen said investigation Donald Tsang has reached its “final stage” and the authorities will soon decide whether to charge the former CE for alleged graft
– ICAC’s Simon Peh refused to comment on the investigation progress, but stated that more time may still be needed to trace sources overseas

Lau Kong Wah attends Sham Shui Po District Council meeting.
– Undersecretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Lau Kong Wah attended (in Chinese) Sham Shui Po DC meeting yesterday on a mission to promote the political reform
– The DC approved a motion to support the reform in an all-Yes vote as Pan-dem councillors boycotted the meeting

ExCo approvals CUHK’s plan to build a Teaching Hospital.
– The ExCo has approved the CUHK’s proposal (in Chinese) to build a Non-profitable Teaching Hospital with a symbolic land price of HK$1000
– It is estimated that the project will cost HK$6 billion, of which HK$4 billion worth of Government loans will have to be approved by the Financial Committee
– The hospital is expected to provide more than 500 beds and is targeting middle class

Politics (general)

Pan-dems joint manifesto backfire as Beijing official scraps Hong Kong trip.

– The long awaited chance for talks on political reform between Beijing and Pan-dems looked slim as Basic Law Committee chairman Li Fei cancelled his visit to Hong Kong
– Li’s decision was seen as a response to a joint statement signed by 27 Pan-dems vowing to veto the Government’s proposal in the LegCo
– Political figures of both sides were accusing each other for pushing the situation to a deadlock
– Meanwhile, Liberal Party’s Felix Chung said his party will meet with Director of the HK and Macau Affairs Office Wang Guangya to discuss room for refinement (in Chinese)
CY Leung drops into “depressing” performer category.
– According to HKU Public Opinion Programme’s latest poll on CE and Government officials popularity, CE Leung scored 39.6, his second worst since the Occupy Movement, and a disapproval rate of 64%, earning him a place in the “depressing” performer category
– Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man topped the list by scoring an approval rate of 77%
China & World
Canadian parliament receives Hong Kong democrat despite Beijing’s objection.
– Former head of Democratic Party Martin Lee spoke to the Canadian House of Common Foreign Affairs Committee, calling for support from Ottawa to “speak up
for us (Hong Kong democrats) at this difficult stage”
– The hearing was initially met with objection from China – Ambassador to Canada Luo Zhaohui, in his letter to the Speaker of House of Common Andrew Scheer, expressed “deep concern and strong opposition” and “resolutely opposes any foreign governments, institutions and individuals to interfere in Hong Kong affairs”