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CDNIS follow-up; new cyber security post; quarrel squad coming to town. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


High Tide Special

Follow-up on the CDNIS affairs.
– Lower School head Dylan Hughes was told to be absent for “personnel reasons” by the Head of School
– Vice Principle Kathy Nutting was also reported to have been fired after issuing a letter supporting Hughes
– Parents and students used post-in notes to show their supports for teachers
Politics (government &LegCo)
LegCo discusses new cyber security post.
– Lawmakers were discussing the Government’s proposal to set up a new position for a chief superintendent for the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau
– The lawmakers raised concerns over tracking and prosecution of political activities by the newly upgraded Bureau; Leung Kwok-Hung doubted if the Bureau would also protect the Pan-dems from cyber attacks
– Undersecretary for Security John Lee asserted that the Bureau will only act according to the legal system
– The Public Accounts Committee, meanwhile, held a hearing on the severe delay of the Civil Aviation’s air traffic system which should have been up in use at the end of 2012

Jasper Tsang meets with business leaders in Japan.
– LegCo president Jasper Tsang met with Vice Chairman of the Board of Councillors of the Japan Business Association and Chairman of the Japan-HK Business Cooperation Committee as his visit to Japan continues
– Tsang visited a Nissan Plant afterward and attended a dinner hosted by the Acting Ambassador and Minister of the Embassy Han Zhiqiang


EU’s top diplomats meet in Macau.
– Top diplomats of the EU held a regular meeting at Portuguese CG Vitor Sereno’s residence in Macau on Tuesday, discussing the political and economic opportunities and challenges of the city
– Deputy CG Anna Bartels of Germany and Head of the Political, Press and Information section of the EU office Asad Beg, in another occasion, shared their experience as diplomats with students at the CUHK

Politics (general)

Beijing pledges to refine multiple-entry visa as Mainlanders rally for a “quarrel squad”.
– Deputy Director of the HK & Macau Affairs Office Zhou Bo said decisions to refine the multiple-entry visa will soon be made to tackle increasing conflicts between parallel traders and local residents
– Zhou may be referring to a plan to set up a shopping complex for HK goods in Qianhai
– Meanwhile, netizens in the Mainland were rallying for a “quarrel squad” as a response to the weekly protests in HK against parallel traders
– Pro-China groups, led by Leticia Lee, took the initiative and protested outside Civic Passion’s office, shouting slogans such as “Hot blooded (literal translation of Civic Passion’s Chinese name) riots causing troubles in HK”

China & World
Britain denied former Hong Kong British soldiers full citizenship.
– A concern group formed by ex-servicemen in Hong Kong were lobbying the UK Government to grant them full citizenship for “working side by side with British troops both in Hong Kong and elsewhere”
– The UK Home Office rejected the group’s appeal, saying that “it has been a long established practice…for British nationality to be lost when a country ceases to be a UK territory”