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New committee on sugar and salt reduction; National education training for teachers; No HKFS exit for Lingnan Uni. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher.


Politics (government &LegCo)
New Committee to promote reduction of salt and sugar in food.
– The Government has established a new committee responsible for making recommendations to the Secretary for Food and Health on formulating policies to reduce the intake of salt and sugar by the public
– The new committee will be headed by ExCo member Bernard Chan
– Meanwhile, the Government reappointed Ambrose Ho as the chairperson and nine other incumbent non-official members to the Communications Authority
Government attempts to put an end to unauthorised guest houses.
– The Government claimed that the public supported its plan to scrap guest houses running in residential units
– It is proposed that the authorities will allow a one-year grace period despite opposition from the hospitality industry
– FTU’s Aron Kwok welcomed the proposal, saying that stricter regulation on guest houses is warranted and that a one-year grace period is appropriate

Politics (general)

Pan-dems throw the ball to the Government on public vote.
– Democratic Party’s Emily Lau stated that if Pan-dems can consider following the majority in a referendum (in Chinese) on political reform if it has certain binding power on the Government and the pro-establishment camp as well
– Convenor of Pan-dems’ “Lunchbox Meeting” Alan Leong said Pan-dems agreed in the Meeting to set up a small team dedicated to promotion and communication strategy

Training on national education a prerequisite for teacher recruitment, proposes Fanny Law.
– ExCo member Fanny Law said that the authorities should consider making training on national education, such as a one-month-course on China’s current affairs in mainland universities, one of the prerequisites when recruiting teachers
– President of The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union Fung Wai Wah blasted the proposal as “terrifying“, saying that the Union has stressed enough on patriotism

Lingnan University students vote against HKFS exit.
– The troubled Hong Kong Federation of Students was relieved for a while as students from Lingnan University voted against a further break-up of the Union by 607 to 363 after a three-day referendum
– HKU had confirmed its departure from the Union while concern groups planning to take the same action have been set up in other universities

China & World

CPPCC asserts “One Country, Two Systems” policy.

– In a resolution passed by 99% of the CPPCC members, it is stated that the consultation body supports the “one country, two systems” and the “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong under a high degree of autonomy” principles
– There had been widespread concerns when Chairman of the CPPCC Yu Zhengsheng
earlier in his Report on the CPPCC’s Work skipped the latter principle