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Gov’t House Open Day; Anti-ivory trading protest; “United Front” strategy “misdirected”. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher.


Politics (government &LegCo)
Gregory So to visit Russia.
– Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So will visit Moscow in a four-day trip to promote economic cooperation between Russia and Hong Kong
– So will meet with senior government officials, business leaders and Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission members
Politics (general)

Police ready for action at Government House Open Day.
– Police appealed to protesters who intend to gather at the Government House or other places today to provide information so that “the actions can be conducted lawfully and in an orderly manner”
– Police also stated that sufficient manpower will be deployed at the Government House to ensure order and safety
– Meanwhile, about 20 people marched in Tuen Mun yesterday urging the Police to take resolute action toward anti-parallel trading protest

Fanny Law responds to “brainwashing” criticisms on national education for teachers.
– ExCo member Fanny Law has been under fire since proposing the idea that teachers must spend a month in China to learn about the country’s affairs
– The pro-democracy Progressive Teachers’ Union, which was labelled by Law as “opposition”, published a statement (in Chinese) blasting the former Education and Manpower Bureau for interfering in academic affairs
– Law replied that “no one can brainwash another person, since each man’s brain is his own. Everyone can have independent thinking”
– Another ExCo member Bernard Chan, who just became the head of a new committee promoting reduction of salt and sugar in food, said “it’s important for schools to make their own choices”

School Children lead largest protest against ivory trade in Hong Kong.
– About 100 school children marched in Hong Kong’s ivory trade hub on Hollywood Road, calling for the Government to ban ivory trade
– The kids are students from ESF Clearwater Bay School, ESF Kennedy School, ESF West Island School and Canadian International School
– The protest was the largest of such kind in the city

China & World

CPPCC committee member criticised Beijing’s strategy toward Hong Kong.

– Member of the CPPCC’s Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Yang Han told MingPao that Beijing’s strategy (in Chinese) in handling recent developments in Hong Kong has been misdirected
– Yang criticised the authorities for failing to “communicate” (through the CCP’s principle of a “United Front”) with “enemies” rejecting the political reform
– Yang was the grandson of Yang Hucheng who plotted the Xi’an Incident with Zhang Xueliang to force Chiang Kai-shek to come to terms with the CCP, leading to an uneasy alliance against Japanese invasion – The Yang family certainly understands how the “United Front” works
Canadian Foreign Affairs Committee to hold further meetings on Hong Kong.
– Member of the Canadian House of Common Foreign Affairs Committee Paul Dewar wrote on his social media blog that he was “very pleased the Foreign Affairs Committee approved my motion to have a formal study of the situation in Hong Kong”
– The Committee, which earlier invited Martin Lee to attend a hearing, agreed to schedule two more meetings to hear from witnesses and to report back to the HoC