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Appointments to edu & youth bodies; CE blasts article on his family; Commissioner Song urges unity. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

Arthur Li appointed to HKU Council.
– The Government has appointed Arthur Li to the HKU Council with a speculation that he will head the University’s governing body in the future
– The former Secretary for Education and Manpower and former vice-chancellor of the CUHK sparked controversies earlier when he commented that Occupy students should quit university to show their commitment to democracy
– The Council will decide on Wednesday whether to hold a disciplinary hearing on Prof Benny Tai for receiving donations from unknown sources
– Pang Yiu-kai, the new Chairman of the Directorate Committee, has been reappointed as the head of HK Institute of Education board
– It is also reported that Chairman of the Chinese Estates Holdings Lau Ming-wai will replace Bunny Chan as the Chairman of the Commission of Youth from 1st April

LegCo debates tighter security control over the Complex.

– LegCo Secretary General Kenneth Chen Wei-on reported a proposal on heightened measures including security checks to everyone entering the Council except the lawmakers, putting up gates at three entrances and adding video-recording functions to CCTV cameras
– Chen asserted that the measures would only be implemented during a “yellow danger code”
– Chairman of the Panel on Security Ip Kwok-him said the measures are necessary in light of recent clashes
– Civic Party’s Alan Leong worried that the measures would turn the LegCo into an inhospitable place
– The HK Journalists Association released a public statement (in Chinese) urging lawmakers to take freedom of the press into full account when making the decision

Irish Night at the FCC.
– Our journalist Calvin Lam met with the visiting Irish Minister for Environment Mr Alan Kelly and did an interview with him at the FCC
– Calvin also had a great conversation with the Irish ambassador to China Mr Paul Kavanagh – stay tuned with us!

Politics (general)

CY Leung blasts columnist writing on his family’s recent row.
– In a letter (in Chinese) to the Hong Kong Economic Journal, CY Leung condemnedcolumnist Joseph Lian Yi-zheng for using her daughter’s health as a “political propaganda”
– Lian’s piece compared CY Leung’s daughter who is living under the authority of her parents to all HongKongers

Our EiC Andrew Work wrote on Competition Law – Can it be our watchdog?

China & World
Beijing’s commissioner to Hong Kong calls for putting aside disputes.
– MFA’s Commissioner to Hong Kong Song Zhe urged unity when speaking at a lunch hosted by the Friends of Hong Kong Association
– Song said “its biggest advantage has never been lost or undermined, which is the fact that Hong Kong has the motherland behind it”