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Andy Tsang to step down; “Gathering” in Sheung Shui; Congressmen calls for support to HK’s democracy. Photo Credit: Chris Yeung


Politics (Government &LegCo)

CY Leung responses to calls from terrorist group.
– CE CY Leung said yesterday at a conference on crime that Hong Kong as an open city should not take terrorism lightly
– Leung was responding to recent calls from Muslim group which has been circulating leaflets in Hong Kong urging people to join the Islamic State
– Police Commissioner Andy Tsang also said that the Police has been “monitoring the situation closely”
– Tsang meanwhile refused to publicise guidelines for the new regulations on regulating gathering for three or more people

Police Commissioner to step down.
– It is reported that Police Commissioner Andy Tsang will step down “within weeks”, but he refuse to make any comments on his retirement in yesterday’s conference
– Tsang, who has been praised by Beijing and Leung numerously regarding Police’s handling of the Occupy Movement, will be replaced by current Deputy-Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung

Politics (general)

Protest in Sheung Shui today will become a “gathering”.
– Organiser of the anti-parallel trading protest in Sheung Shui today said the event will become a “gathering (in Chinese)” as the Police refuse to issue Letter of No Objection
– It is said that the Police considered the protest as high risk event and hence turned down the approval request for security reasons
– It is reported (in Chinese) that at least 8 pharmacies in the city are facing close-down as Mainlanders and parallel traders were threatened by recent protests

China & World

US congressman calls for support to HongKongers’ fight for democracy.
– The US Congress will vote on a call by congressman Christopher Smith to support HongKongers’ discourse on democracy
– The New Jersey’s representative said in his letter that “It is necessary for the United States to reaffirm its commitment to advance universal suffrage, full democracy, and the rule of law in Hong Kong”
– The letter was co-signed by representative from Illinois Daniel Liponski, New York’s Eliot Engel and California’s Dana Rohrabacher