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AFCD official to build houses near SSSI; New head of HKFS elected; 3rd runway faces public opposition. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

One month of intermediate period for plastic bag levy extension.
– Secretary for Environment Wong Kam-sing said that there will be an intermediate (in Chinese) period of one month for stores to adapt to the extended plastic bag levy scheme starting from next month
– While the total amount of plastic bag disposal during the first stage of the scheme has risen, Wong stressed that usage in the few thousands stores which joint the scheme has dropped by 80% to 90%

AFCD official to build 5 houses in Big Wave Bay.
– Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (in Chinese) Department Thomas Sit Hon-chung has submitted a form to the Town Planning Board requesting approval to build 5 houses in Big Wave Bay
– The site indicated in the applications is close to Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) in the area
– Sit said that his family has been living in Big Wave Bay for generations and hence would like to return to his homeland

Politics (general)

“Gathering” in Sheung Shui meets with “Gathering” in Government House.
– About 20 anti-parallel trading activists gathered in Sheung Shui, where they met with rival protest with similar number of people from the pro-China “Defend Hong Kong Campaign”
– Organiser of the anti-parallel trading Ronald Leung said recent plan to build a shopping mall in Lok Ma Chau is unlikely to help alleviate the problem
– Meanwhile, CY Leung met with the pro-establishment camp in the Government House for the second consecutive day, in which he blasted Civic Party lawmaker Claudia Mo for initiating the protests against the mainland influx
– related: a research suggests that breastfeeding is the solution to milk powder shortage

New head for the troubled federation of students.
– Nathan Law, the acting president of Lingnan University Students’ Union and former chief delegation of the University to the federation, has been elected as the new Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Federation of Students
– Law said in his manifesto (in Chinese) that “the Federation of Students is facing a challenge and a climate of mistrust … it’s our first priority to review ourselves and the constitution, and create a better interaction with students”

Third runway project faces strong public opposition.
– A survey commissioned by the interest group People’s Aviation Watch found that 68% of the participants opposed to the third runway project before the existing installation has been used up
– More than 60% of the participants agreed that the Government should not bypass the LegCo in approving the project
– A different result was found four years ago in a government study which claimed that 73% of the residents support the construction

China & World

Hong Kong is the second most expensive city to locate staff, study finds.
– A study conducted by the Savills World Research found that Hong Kong is the world’s second most expansive city to live and work after London
– Also on the list were New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo