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CY Leung’s theory on universal suffrage; ATV drama continues; CDNIS Principal dismissed. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

CY Leung sparks more controversies over universal suffrage claims.
– CY Leung attended the Q&A session in LegCo, in which the talking points centred around his remarks on universal suffrage
– Leung claimed that all universal suffrage is genuine as long as it is implemented according to the country’s constitution, when replying to Democratic Party’s Helena Wong’s question about whether countries like North Korea, Myanmar and the RPC are adopting universal suffrage
– Leung also elaborated his point by comparing Hong Kong’s case to the UK, saying that even the British Prime Minister is not selected by direct election
– Lawmakers Chan Chi-Chuen, Albert Chan and Leung Kwok-hung were ordered to leave during the session
– The LegCo will continue to debate on motions to review Hong Kong’s tourism policy and anti-parallel trading activities as well as the curriculum of Liberal Studies in schools

Education Bureau to launch extended consultation on four subjects.
– The Education Bureau announced that it will conduct extended consultation on four subjects following the completion of the consultation on New Academic Structure (NAS) Medium-term Review and Beyond
– The four subjects include Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, and Visual Arts
– Meanwhile, the Secretary for Education Eddie Ng will lead a delegation to attend the International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2015 in Banff, Canada

HT’s contributing author wrote on the Government bodies destroying our heritage by proposing and agreeing to move the Harcourt Road Water Pumping Station to Flagstaff House.


CGs discuss business in various events.
– CGs of Mexico and Chile Mrs. Alicia Buenrostro Massieu and Mr.José Miguel González Serrano attended breakfast discussion held by the Mexican Chamber of Commerce with speaker Sebastian Peredes, CEO of DBS Hong Kong, speaking on the internationalisation of the BRM
– US Consul-General Mr. Clifford Hart led a delegation of 25 Hong Kong business leaders to attend  the SelectUSA 2015 Investment Summit in Washington, DC

Politics (general)

ATV diverges from its major investor over “closing” claims.
– The ATV drama continues as Wong Ching, its major investor, claimed that an investment deal has yet been made and the broadcasting company may cease operation within days
– It was reported that there was still a margin of HKD200 million between the offer price and the price Wong seeks
– Wong later denied the “closing” statement while ATV also stated that it is still operating as usual
– Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So stated that “The Communications Authority will pay close attention to the development with respect to ATV to ensure that the services will be provided according to the licence conditions, or any interruption to the services will be kept to the minimal”

CDNIS Principal dismissed after weeks of leave.
– Parents reported to HT that the popular Lower School (Primary) Principal Dylan Hughes has been dismissed after weeks of forced leave
– It was reported that Hughes had declined to comply with his “contractual obligations” to “work cooperatively with the head of school and board of governors”