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Lower threshold for CE election; Unworthy air traffic control system; Umbrella Movement commemoration. Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

Rimsky Yuen hints lower threshold for CE election.
– Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen said he hopes to “fight for the lowest threshold” so as to “allow more potential candidates entry into the nomination process”
– This may suggest that the Government is willing to make compromise only on this particular element
– The report on the second round of consultation and the proposal that follows are expected to be submitted to the LegCo in April

CE to lead delegation to Shanghai to foster co-operation.
– CE CY Leung told reporters that he is not worried by competition with Shanghai and that he shall lead a delegation to visit the city
– Leung said he hopes the visit can foster co-operation on areas of mutual interest
– Leung meanwhile said that he has submitted a report on mainland visitors to Hong Kong to the Central Government and will follow up on the matter with the Guangdong authorities

HKD575 million worth of air traffic management system found incompetent.
– It was reported (in Chinese) that an air traffic management system, Autotrac 3, bought by the Civil Aviation Department in 2011 remained out of service
– The system, which was a product of an American company called Raytheon, costed HKD575 million but was later found incompetent as hundreds of system errors were identified
– It was also reported that a senior official responsible for the drafting of the purchase worked for a subcontractor of Raytheon in Hong Kong after retiring from the CAD, hinting possible transfer of interest

Leung has had a ten-year plan, says Rita Fan.
– NPCSC member Rita Fan said she didn’t think Beijing has lessened its support for CY Leung after recent turmoils in Hong Kong
– Fan also said (in Chinese) that Leung has been planning for a second term ever since he assumed the office
– Another NPCSC member, Maria Tam, stressed that HKSAR was decided to be executive-led ever since the drafting of the Basic Law and the CE “is only a local official appointed by the Central Government”


Indian CG briefs HKGCC members on “Make-in-India”.
– The Indian Consul-General Mr Prashant Agrawal briefed Hong Kong General Chambers of Commerce members on Make-in-India initiative at an event costed by the Indian Consulate General and the Asia Africa Committee of the HKGCC
– Other speakers included Dr Ajit Ranade from CII China and Aditya Birla Group; Mr Alan Rosling from Kiran Energy and Griffin Growth Partners; and Mr Ian Tuft from China Light and Power
Politics (general)

Protesters mark half-year anniversary of the Umbrella Movement.
– About 400 people gathered outside the Central Government Complex to commemorate the half-year anniversary of the Umbrella Movement
– Protesters hoisted yellow umbrellas at about 6:00pm when the first tear gas was deployed half a year ago
– At 8:30pm, protesters lit-up candles to form a big umbrella-shaped figure to “lighten up” the Harbour

China & World

Former CE to attend state funeral for Lee Kuan Yew.
– Former CE Tung Chee Hwa will represent the CE and the HKSAR to attend the State Funeral Service of the late Lee Kuan Yew
– In his statement, Tung praised Lee as “a giant of our times” and that he has “learned much from his wisdom and unique insights”