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More on civil nomination; ATV replacement plan “political”; Gurkha soldiers deserve more recognition. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

Police respond to fears over terrorist threat in town.
– In response to a front-page story by Oriental Daily reporting suspected ISIS-related gatherings in the town, Police said that there is no concrete intelligence showing that Hong Kong has become a target of terrorist attacks and that the threat level remains moderate
– 21 Muslim groups in Hong Kong, meanwhile, issued an open letter calling the public “not to judge the religion by the actions of a few, rather judge it by its original scriptures and sources

Police unions demand equal retirement arrangement.
– The police unions accused the Government of age discrimination as new recruits now enjoy better retirement terms
– The Junior Police Officers’ Association issued a letter to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) calling for equal treatments for all serving staff
– An EOC spokesman, however, stated that there is currently no law prohibiting age discrimination while the Commission will study the issue

Politics (general)

CY Leung backtracks on civil nomination claims.

– CY Leung made another statement on the subject of civil nomination, in which he contradicted his earlier claim that the concept of civil nomination in CE elections did not appear in all five options during the drafting of the Basic Law, after being pointed out by veteran Democrat Martin Lee that one of the options did propose a public nomination of 50 people as entry requirement
– In the statement, Leung said the two proposals which allowed universal suffrage did not mention “civic nomination” without mentioning the other three proposals, while asserting that “for those who recently said that ‘nomination by a nominating committee’ could be interpreted as ‘civic nomination’, they are just ‘guessing and taking advantage of the literal meaning of words” and contravening the Basic Law.'”
– Former Secretary for Justice and deputy director of Basic Law Committee Elsie Leung also madesimilar contradictory claims

Former TVB general manager warns of broadcast monopoly.
– Former CEO of Commercial Radio HK and general manager of TVB Stephen Chan Chi Wan said(video in Cantonese) during yesterday’s City Forum that it is inappropriate to ask the government-funded RTHK to provide intermediate TV services in replace of ATV
– Chan suspected that the measure is a political decision to limit the number of discussion platforms before all elections have ended by 2020

Rival groups hold separate rallies over “insulting police” law.
– Activist group Civic Passion and pro-establishment organisation Alliance in support of our Police Force set up separate booths in Central calling against and for criminalising “insulting police”
– Leader of the Alliance Leticia Lee See-yin claimed that the group has already gathered more than 90,000 signatories in support of the act in the past few weeks

China & World

Nepalis call for rightful place for Gurkha soldiers.
– More than 200 Nepalis gathered at the Gurkha Cemetery in Yuen Long to commemorate their Ancestors’ Day (Purkha Diwas) along side Chinese Qingming Festival and to pay homage to Gurkha soldiers under the British army
– The local Nepalese community said there should be a permanent monument to give the soldiers a rightful place in the history of Hong Kong