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Biggest drop of mainland tours to HK, Govt boosts feminism, divergence within Democratic Party. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government & LegCo)

Biggest drop of mainland tours to Hong Kong since the SARS

Executive Director of Travel Industry Council Mr Joseph Tung says the number of mainland tours coming to Hong Kong during the Easter holidays has dropped about 20%, largest since the outbreak of SARS a decade ago. He believes the reason causing the drop was because of the protests against parallel good traders.

At least 20,000 people visited Cheung Chau today. Residents on the island complained the visitors have disturbed their daily life.


Matthew Cheung on feminism

Writing on his blog, Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung says the Government will attend to gender equality when formulating policies, starting from this month. He writes that the Government expects the number of female washroom to increase 60% in malls, 160% in cinemas and 150% in public entertainment areas. At least 35% of members in the statutory bodies and advisory boards will be women, also from this month onwards.


Politics (general)

Divergence within Democratic Party on political reform

Nelson Wong Sing-chi, former lawmaker and a member of the Democratic Party’s caucus, wrote an Op/Ed last week to counter his party’s stance of vetoing the Government’s proposal on political reform. He suggests pan-dems to accept the Government’s proposal in order to have Beijing agreed to open another political reform right after 2017. He says the Party has contacted him for a talk soon and he is willing to face any penalty from the Party should there be one. He also says he will not run for the LegCo election next year. Pan-dems’ “lunch-box meeting” convenor Alan Leong, maintains their stance to veto any proposals under the 831 framework.


China & World

Myanmar Villagers Accuse China of Land Encroachment

Villagers in Myanmar’s Shan state turned away a group of Chinese nationals on Friday accusing them of trying to encroach on Myanmar territory (RFA). Local officials said the men, who included border guards, attempted to plant Chinese flags in their village, announcing plans to build a bridge in the region. Meanwhile, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said that boycotting (Irrawaddy) the upcoming elections was “an option” if she remains banned from running for president.