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DPHK saga continues; Figures urge more education on the Basic Law; Former Democrat dies at 70. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Government &LegCo)

No concrete plan for food trucks yet, says John Tsang.
– Financial Secretary John Tsang said there is no concrete plan and timetable for food trucks when visiting a street market in Kwun Tong
– The FS said there are still issues to be discussed, including parking, hygiene, licensing and start-up costs for prospective vendors
– Tsang meanwhile hoped that vendors can be innovative in providing cuisines besides fish balls


Irish CG meets rugby star at Chamber of Commerce annual dinner.
– Irish CG Peter Ryan attended his country’s fifth Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner in Hong Kong, during which he had a talk with rugby star Brian O’Driscoll
– This year’s annual dinner was the largest to date, with 375 attendees

Politics (general)

Nelson Wong to face DPHK’s internal probe.
– At least five Democrats, including district councillors Ted Hui, Zachary Wong, Josephine Chan and two more ordinary members, have urged the party’s disciplinary committee to investigate Nelson Wong regarding his remarks in support of the political reform
– “Nelson Wong used to be a legislator and I am sure that he fully understands politically what kind of drastic impact his remarks would bring to the party.” Zachary Wong said.

Figures in education stress teachings on the Basic Law.
– Vice-chairman of Education Convergence Ho Hon Kuen suggested (in Chinese) abolishing the School-based Assessment (SBA) scheme to allow more time for teachings on the Basic Law
– Meanwhile, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee and former secondary school principal Tai Hay-lap said teenagers should be better educated on the Basic Law as a mini-constitution and accordingly the city’s responsibilities under “one country, two systems”

Man Sai-cheong, former LegCo member, dies at 70.
– Former Democrat and LegCo member Man Sai-cheong passed away in Canada on last Saturday
– Man was an Urban Council member, LegCo member and Eastern District Councillor from 1985 to 1995, and had fought for the autonomous rule of Hong Kong by her own people
– Man’s funeral will be held on April 18

China & World

Beijing to recruit ‘keyboard-fighters’ in universities.
– It was reported (in Chinese) that the Chinese Communist Youth League has issued a document to recruit more than 10 million “voluntary” ‘keyboard-fighters’ to enhance public order on the internet
– CUHK’s branch in Shenzhen and a college co-established by BUHK and Beijing Normal University have been asked to provide a total of 900 volunteers

Mexican drug cartels in Hong Kong.
– Several Mexican drug cartels, including the powerful Sinaloa, have reportedly been expanding their business into Hong Kong
– It was reported that the cartels have been using the city’s bank accounts for money laundering and sourcing chemicals used in the production of crystal meth, more commonly known as Ice