Harbour Crossings April 10th

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A rather short week after most committees, boards and councils have their personnel arrangements settled for the new term starting from April 1.


Appointments to committees of the Financial Services Development Council

The Government announced appointments to five committees under the Financial Services Development Council. Among the committees’ 34 members who are taking the term from April 5, 2015 to January 16, 2017, 21 are re-appointed and 13 are new members.


New appointments:

  • Mr Dean Chisholm
  • Ms Ding Chen (丁晨)
  • Mr Dennis Ho Chiu-ping (何超平)
  • Mr Christoph Hoch (賀思濤)
  • Mr Gary Hwa (花振華)
  • Ms Lau Ka-shi (劉嘉時)
  • Mr Brian Li Man-bun (李民斌)
  • Mr Mark Saunders (馬崇達)
  • Ms Wang Hsueh-ming (王學明)
  • Dr Wang Tao (汪濤)
  • Ms Winnie Wong Chi-shun (黃子遜)
  • Mr Nick Young (楊自力)
  • Mr Derek Yung Kai-ming (容佳明)


Appointments to Hong Kong Film Development Council

The Government has appointed 18 non-official members and two ex-officio members to the Hong Kong Film Development Council. Of the members appointed, seven are new appointees. Mr Ma Fung-kwok (馬逢國) and Dr Wilfred Wong Ying-wai (王英偉)have been re-appointed as the Council’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


New appointments:

  • Mr Enoch Chan Chi-to (陳志道)
  • Ms Amy Chin Siu-wai (錢小蕙)
  • Mr Samuel Choy Chung-leung (蔡仲樑)
  • Mr Chu Chung-on (朱仲安)
  • Mr Percy Fung (馮子昌)
  • Mr Patrick Tong Hing-chi (唐慶枝)
  • Mr Adam Wong Sau-ping (黃修平)


Retiring Permanent Secretary for Development on budget allocation

The retiring Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Mr Wai Chi-sing (韋志成) said that the Government can launch more projects at the same time if budgets can be shared. He said that the authorities should consider proposing the reform when the public is better educated on the subject.

Wai, currently on pre-retirement leave, has worked in the civil service for 38 years. He was the Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works in 2004, and then Director of Highways in 2006 before taking over the post in 2010.

Wai’s successor is Mr Hon Chi-keung (韓志強), who has been the Director of Civil Engineering and Development from January 2011 to April 2015.