Harbour Crossings April 17th

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New director for MTR and association head for investHK; Appointments to committees on film development, human reproductive technology and admission of quality migrants.


MTR announces new Corporate Affairs Director.

The MTR corporation has announced the appointment of Ms Linda So Ka-pik (蘇家碧) to head the newly established Corporate Affairs Division responsible for handling corporate relations. Ms So worked in the Government from 1989 to 2013 and has served as the Press Secretary to the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary.


Appointments to councils on film development.

The Government has appointed 18 non-official members and two ex-officio members to the Hong Kong Film Development Council with seven new appointees. Mr Ma Fung-kwok (馬逢國) and Dr Wilfred Wong (王英偉) have been re-appointed as the Council’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


New appointments:

  • Mr Enoch Chan Chi-to (陳志道)
  • Ms Amy Chin Siu-wai (錢小蕙)
  • Mr Samuel Choy Chung-leung (蔡仲樑)
  • Mr Chu Chung-on (朱仲安)
  • Mr Percy Fung (馮子昌)
  • Mr Patrick Tong Hing-chi (唐慶枝)
  • Mr Adam Wong Sau-ping (黃修平)


Five new appointments to the Council on Human Reproductive Technology.

The Government re-appointed the Chairperson of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology Mr Gregory Leung Wing-lup (梁永立) for a period of one year and six incumbent members for a period of three years. The Government also appointed five new members. The Council, since its establishment in 2001, is tasked to regulation human reproductive technology including embryo research.


New appointments:

  • Professor Ma Lai-chong (馬麗莊)
  • Rev Dr Andrew Ng Wai-man (伍渭文)
  • Dr Tang Kwok-keung (鄧國強)
  • Dr Wong Man-sau (黃文秀)
  • Ms Adelaide Yu Hoi-man (俞海文)


Appointments to advisory committee on admission of quality migrants.

The Government appointed two non-official members, Mr Chong Man-keung (莊文強) and Dr Hung Keung (洪強), to the Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals with effect from April 16, 2015 to June 30, 2016


New associate head for Invest Hong Kong.

Invest Hong Kong announced the appointment of Dr Jimmy Chiang, previously Head of the Tourism and Hospitality team, as the Associate Director-General to replace the outgoing incumbent and much-remembered Mr Andrew Davis. Mr Davis left on April 16th with his latest facebook posting being working with the Welsh Development Agency.