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LegCo steps up security measures; Gov’t to fight on as reform unveils; 30 years “not enough” for CY Leung. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

LegCo Complex to tighten up security.
– The LegCo Council Commission, after a closed-door meeting, approved a new security policy with effect from May 1
– Measures include a security check to all people, including lawmakers and journalists, when danger code is yellow or higher, and installations of barricades and shutters on the entrances and a sound-recording CCTV in front of the protest zone
– Meanwhile, a subcommittee discussed the implementation of an Emission Control Area (ECA) zone with a limit of 0.5% sulfur emission for deep-sea vessels and is expected to affect 182 services and 770-780 vessels

Carrie Lam urges Pan-dems to “pocket first”.
– Chief Secretary and Acting Chief Executive Carrie Lam urged lawmakers to seize the opportunity as the formal reform proposal is due to be unveiled today
– Lam said the Government will continue to try garnering support for the reform
– Meanwhile, it was reported that a western diplomat demanding anonymity called on lawmakers to take the lowered entry threshold as the lesser of two evils
– Civic Party’s Ronny Tong said he would not join the Pan-dems in case of any future joint statement renewing their objection to the 8.31 decision

SCED on a possible early withdrawal by ATV.
– Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development responded to a media report that ATV may cease operation as early as May 29, stressing that it must continue broadcasting unless a permission is granted by the Communications Authority as well as the Chief Executive in Council
– So also said that the authorities will work closely with RTHK staff to ensure that they have enough resources to provide the intermediate broadcasting service in case of an early ATV withdrawal

Politics (general)

‘Old’ Jasper tones down CE speculation.
– Jasper Tsang reaffirmed his intention to resign as LegCo president after voting for the political reform
– Tsang said he was asked by a core Pan-dem who is not a lawmaker if a Pan-dem candidate can make it through the gate, suggesting that there is still a chance for the reform to survive
– Meanwhile, Tsang said (in Chinese) he has no aspiration to become CE nor is he capable even though he is of the same age as Hillary Clinton
– When asked if CY Leung should be given another five years, Tsang said “even with 30 years it would not be enough for Leung to achieve his plans”

Universities to conduct rolling poll on political reform.
– A Joint-University Rolling Survey on political reform will begin today until the day before the LegCo casts its vote with no less than 200 samples a day
– The survey will be conducted by the Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey (CCPOS) of CUHK, the Public Opinion Programme (POP) of HKU, and the Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS) of PolyU
– Director of POP Robert Chung said the poll is not part of a publicity war which he criticised as a worrying development

My remarks meant no offence, says Regina Ip.
– ExCo member Regina Ip said she will clarify with the Philippine Consulate that “no discrimination, no offence was intended” over her provocative remarks on domestic helpers providing sexual services to foreign bosses
– Two protests by concern groups for migrant workers against Ip will be held this week