Reportage: Polish Constitution Day 2015

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Polish consul-general Miroslaw Adamczyk leads the “one-man Consulate” to celebrate his country’s National Day in Hong Kong.


Polish consul-general Mr. Miroslaw Adamczyk gave some interesting comments on Hong Kong’s current situation as the “one-man Consulate” hosted the reception of the May 3rd National Day of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Poland (and also the completion of his first year service in the city).

Leaders from the politics, business, diplomat and Polish communities gathered in the Island Shangri-La Ballroom as Mr Adamczyk delivered his opening remarks. Distinguished guests include LegCo President Mr. Jasper Tsang, Secretary for Education Mr. Eddie Ng, Head of Office of the EU to Hong Kong and Macao Mr. Vincent Piket, Director-General of InvestHK Mr. Simon Galpin, veteran democrats Martin Lee, Audrey Eu and Emily Lau, as well as representatives from the consulates and chambers of commerce.

As Mr. Adamczyk put it, the country’s constitution has its root in 1791 “thanks to the consensus of the elite and the enthusiasm of the people”.

The meaty part came in the last part of his speech, where he hailed Hong Kong’s rule of law “which remained one of the greatest advantages of Hong Kong even during the unprecedented civil disobedience campaign last year”. He went on and wished that the city could find a solution to the current democratic development, which would “meet the aspiration of the Hong Kong people”.

As a country that dominated regional politics in the 16th-17th century Europe, fell prey to great powers from both East and West, then regained its independence after the collapse of the Soviet regime, our Polish counterparts undoubtedly understand that democracy is something that needs to fight for.