Émigré May 15 2015

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Summer is coming and diplomats are packing their bags. New Korean CG has just arrived in town. Check out where the Spaniards, Mexicans, Kazaks, and Germans are going.

Kim Kwang-dong

Ambassador Kim Kwang-dong returns again

Amb. Kim Kwang-dong (김광동) arrived in town just last month to assume the role of Korean Consul General. Amb. Kim has served as a diplomat for over 40 years since he joined the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1973, where he worked mainly on Korean trade with the international world. In 2003-07 he performed as Korean ambassador to Brazil.

This is his second time in Hong Kong, Amb. Kim was in the same post back in 2001. Apart from his diplomatic work, Amb. Kim worked as university professor and advisor in corporates, he also took part in humanitarian aid. In 2010, he founded and served as the President of “Better World”, an international NGO which facilitates education and infrastructure projects for people in need worldwide. Welcome back, Consul General!

Spanish CG Juan Manuel López-Nadal (RGB)
Juan Manuel López-Nadal

Adios Amigos – Spaniard and Mexicans vamoose

Juan Manuel López-Nadal, the ebullient Spanish bull, is back to Spain. The ‘Undiplomatic Diplomat’ was known for his straight talk and warm personality. He’s back to HQ, but given his love of Hong Kong and Thailand, we’ll hope to see him back in Asia soon.

Consul Aureny Aguirre is leaving Hong Kong in August, She will be relocated in London with what one insider called “a delicate mission that involves an international organization.” Mysterious? What’s Spanish for “MI6”?


Kazakh CG Nurzhan Abdymomunov (RGB)
Nurzhan Abdymomunov

Nurzhan off to Portugal

Nurzhan Abdymomunov, after five years in Hong Kong, is off to Portugal. The Consul General for Kazakhstan has been a welcome and regular presence here and with an unusually long stint, is off! He’ll be back as his spouse has a very successful business venture in the art world and is known and respected across Asia in the field. We wish him well and godspeed from his May 22 departure.


Andreas Otto is otto-here.

Andreas Otto, Consul (Cultural and Press Affairs) of Germany, is off to Kiev – and he asked for it. Heading into the action, this will be hugely important for Germany. This is a great vote of confidence given the sensitive situation in the region. He assures HT he is NOT a spy, even though he holds the classic portfolio for spies (‘cultural attache’). Well, according to us – and we learned everything we know about spycraft from James Bond. Stay safe Andreas!