High Tide (May 17th 2015) – Daily Political Round-up

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Dodgy Govt on control point proposal; Ringleader of 1967 riots dies at 89; Petition for LGBT rights gains momentum. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

Government dodges LegCo decision by putting forth control point proposal at Financial Committee.
– The Government has requested (in Chinese) the Financial Committee to hold two special meetings next week to discuss the construction of control point buildings in the Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai boundary
– This came after the proposal was blocked by the Pan-dem-dominated Public Work Subcommittee in early April
– Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury KC Chan stressed (in Chinese) that a month of delay on the HKD17 billion project will cost a further HKD70 million
– Chairman of the Public Work Subcommittee Alan Leong blasted the Government’s move for further damaging its already uneasy relationship with the LegCo


Turkish naval frigate visits Hong Kong.
– Turkish naval frigate TCG Gediz is paying a visit to Hong Kong waters as one of 18 stops in a voyage to Japan to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Ottoman Frigate Ertugrul which sailed to the Far East
– A reception was held aboard the warship by Turkish CG to Hong Kong Mr Haldun Tekneci

Politics (general)

Veteran unionist Yeung Kwong dies at 89.
– Veteran unionist and former leader of the pro-Beijing Federation of Trade Union Yeung Kwong died in the morning of 16th at Prince of Wales Hospital, at the age of 89
– Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung said “Mr Yeung was very dedicated in safeguarding labour rights and promoting the welfare of the grassroots during his tenure”
– Yeung was also the ringleader of the violent leftist 1967 riots who controversially received the city’s highest honour during the Tung administration

Scholars’ calls to delay vote on political reform receive cold response from both sides.
– Basic Law Committee member Albert Chen backed his colleague Johannes Chan’s call to defer the vote on political reform in the LegCo until after the LegCo election in  2016, arguing that the result of the election would be the most convincing method to reflect public opinion on the subject
– LegCo President Jasper Tsang poured cold water on the idea, saying (in Chinese) that deferring the vote would be pointless if none of the sides has the intention to compromise
– Meanwhile, another Basic Law Committee member Rao Geping once again suggested the possibility of changing company votes in the nomination committee into individual votes, but was also rejected by acting CE Carrie Lam
– New People’s Party Regina Ip said she is not likely to run for the coming CE election if the political reform proposal is vetoed, asking “why should I legitimise CY Leung if he is going to win anyway?”

Online petition for LGBT rights gather force.
– An online petition organised by the non-profit Community Business to urge the Government to grant dependent visa to same-sex partners is gathering force as a related High Court case is progressing
– The petition has gained 1281 signatories in one-week time, including Asia Security Industries and Financial Markets Association, AXA and British Council