Reportage: Promoting Swiss Art in Hong Kong

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Erwin Lüthi, Swiss Deputy Consul General, attended the cocktail gathering celebrating the launch of Géraldine Borio and Caroline Wüthrich’s new book Hong Kong In-Between to express his support for Swiss art in Hong Kong.

Géraldine Borio and Caroline Wüthrich, both trained in Lausanne, Switzerland, are two architects currently based in Hong Kong. Their new book Hong Kong In-Between, exploring the creative use of public space by Hong Kong locals, was launched on May 22.

The book launch was held in Connecting Spaces Hong Kong-Zürich in North Point. The site was opened a year ago, managed by Zürich University of Arts (ZHdK), where transcultural art exhibitions and workshops are regularly held. Hong Kong In-Between is one of the Hong Kong-Zürich collaboration projects. The book was co-published by MCCM Creations, a Hong Kong publisher, and Park Books, an affiliate of Scheidegger & Spiess, an art publisher based in Zürich. It will soon be available for purchase in major bookstores in Hong Kong.

The event was sponsored by the Swiss Consulate General as part of the effort to promote Swiss presence in Hong Kong. Swiss wine was served in the evening, along with Cantonese dim sum—an unlikely combination. It does, though, blend in well with the culturally diversified crowd coming to appreciate the works of Borio and Wüthrich, as well as to mingle and socialise.

Erwin Lüthi, photography enthusiast when he is not at work as the Swiss Deputy Consul General, lent his presence to the event. He cheerfully claims, he was invited as a “friend” to Borio and Wüthrich. Swiss Cultural Officer Winnie Kan also tells HT that the Swiss consulate actively encourages collaboration between Hong Kong and Swiss artists and art institutes; Connecting Spaces will continue to be a transcultural hub of artistic exchange.