High Tide (May 27th 2015) – Daily Political Round-up

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4 pan-dems confirm meeting Beijing officials; Joshua Wong denied entry to Malaysia; Refreshed calls to tackle elderly abuse. Photo Credit: Chris Lusher


Politics (Gov’t & LegCo)

CY Leung urged pan-dem lawmakers to treasure the chance of meeting with Beijing officials.
– CY Leung said lawmakers should “treasure the opportunity” to meet with Beijing officials on Sunday on political reforms
– Leung also said those who prefer attending the annual march to commemorate the June 4th massacre on the same day should decide whether an annual event is more important than the meeting
– Democratic Party’s Helena Wong, Civic Party’s Ronny Tong and Dennis Kwok as well as ADPL’s Frederick Fung have confirmed that they will attend the meeting

Public Accounts Committee heard delayed action on unauthorised building works.
– The LegCo Public Accounts Committee held a hearing on delayed action on tackling illegal structures by the Building Department
– The committee was told that extra workload to handle emergencies in addition to a lack of manpower were the main reasons why it sometimes take the department more than 10 years to clear unauthorised building works
– The Audit Commission earlier criticised the authorities for failing to issue removal orders between six months and five years after inspections in more than 4500 cases with some 68000 cases unresolved even in cases where the department has issued an order

Housing Authority renews five-year plan on retail and car park facilities.
– The Housing Authority has endorsed the five-year rolling programme for asset enhancement of its retail and car park facilities
– The programme, which has been formulated since 2011, saw the vacancy rate of retail premises dropped from 4.9% in 2011 to 1.7% in 2015 while the car park occupancy rate increased from 76% to 89%

Politics (general)

Joshua Wong denied entry to Malaysia to attend sharing events.
– Student activist Joshua Wong was denied entry to Malaysia to attend discussion seminars on the Occupy movement and the June 4th massacre in four cities
– Wong said, “I want to know how many other countries have blacklisted me. If there are [any], please let me know, so I don’t have to be returned only after I book the air tickets and a hotel room.”
– Wong and the event organisers accused the move as a political suppression as it was the first time since two years a foreign speaker was denied entry to attend the event

Lawmakers urged to follow up on elderly abuse in a care and attention home.
– Concern groups urged (in Chinese) lawmakers to follow up a case in which twelve elderly women in a care and attention home in Tai Po were found naked in open area when waiting to take shower
– Spokesman of the Against Elderly Abuse of Hong Kong said the group has submitted a complaint to the LegCo and urged the authorities to allocate more resources to C&A homes and step up legislation to tackle elderly abuse

Latest public support for political reforms stands at 47.7%.
– The latest result (in Chinese) of a rolling survey conducted by three university institutions saw support for political reforms increased by 1.7% to 47.7% while those against the reforms dropped by 2% to 34.5%
– The net support rate, which stood at 13.2%, was the highest in the past three weeks